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Topic: [La Noob] Pre-S2 Legacy Thread (7/22)
Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 10:49am
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Credits to MrSodaGuy for the banner

Table of Contents


1. [Introduction] It's only La Tale, ffs...

2. [Spreadsheets] Just farm Coliseum. That way, you don't have to think, OK?
    2a. [
Lists & Tables] What you didn't know you wanted to know, but now know it anyways.
    2b. [Equipment] It's so SHINYYYYYYYYY
[Quests] Are you a gopher? Go for items, go for kills?

3. [
Other People's Stuff] Isn't La Tale a single player game? What is this, I don't even...
    3a. [ggFTW] *cricket chirping
    3b. [OGP Forums] Same old story, same old song and dance, my friend.
    3c. [
Other] Q_Q I quit until we get Korean updates

4. [
The GA Conspiracy] No, impossible!

5. [Outro & Acknowledgements] It's the end of the world as we know it~

1. Introduction


Welcome to my little repository of stuff that 95% of La Tale players don't really care about! This pile of tl;dr is intended for those of us who are still learning to play this time-waster we call a "game", whether for sheer curiosity about certain comparisons or just needing the extra bit of info to take it the next level of gaming. Please note that most of the stuff presented here only deals with current OGP La Tale. If you look hard enough, you'll find certain individuals/guilds will have information far beyond what is provided here, particularly with Korean La Tale, which, at last check, was approximately one year ahead of us in terms of content.

All data found in my spreadsheets were obtained from internal game files, which are available to anyone who bothers to download La Tale. It is merely formatted into something more readable. What you decide to do with the data is up to you. Everything else can be found with a little bit of due diligence. You may be able to find some info on the ggftw Wiki, but it hasn't been significantly updated for quite a while, so your chances are slim.

This is still a Work-In-Progress, which has been going on over the course of a few months. This is largely based on what I'm interested in at any given time, so certain things that should be available (in my opinion, of course) may not be present here. All of my spreadsheets are available in Excel through Google Docs. You can find the Master Swor... uh, link, here. Google Docs is sorted by when stuff was most recently modified down to much older stuff. My settings do not permit anyone but myself to edit anything, so if you feel the spreadsheets look ugly, feel free to download them and screw with them yourself. Be warned that Google Drive is very limited, and that most of these spreadsheets were created with Office 2007, and uploaded and converted into Google's formatting. Therefore, when you download them, expect all formatting to be screwed to hell. Particularly the colors. Oh god, my colors...



This is a quick reference for those who don't feel like reading through my copious notes. For those who have never been here, I have additional details about the spreadsheet outside of the spreadsheet, usually pointing out anomalies or just explaining how stuff works. It may not be a bad idea to read through them at least once.

Crafting Accessories
Dirt Clods, Boxes, and Pot Armor Sets (Non-Fashion)
Enchanting (Item Options) Armor Sets (Fashion)
Enchanting (Gem Hammers) Astro Rings
Enchanting (Puzzles) Engineer Weapons
Enchanting (Psykicker) Explorer Weapons
Enchanting (Rogue Knife) Gems
Enchanting (TAID) Knight Weapons
Experience Tables Warrior Weapons
Fishing Rewards Wizard Weapons
Guild Union Foods Item Codex, Season 2
Item Codex Monster Illustration, Season 2
La Deck PrizesSoul Breaker Weapons
Monster Droplist (Monsters w/Card) Quests
Monster Droplist (Instance, Non-Card) 3rd Class Quests - Elemental Master
Monster Droplist (All, Quest Only) Asgard
Monster Encyclopedia Daily, Random
Monster IllustrationForgotten Fields
NPC Exchange Lists Item Based
NPC Trade Lists No Name World
Ore Exploding El Anoir
Pet Eggs Silver Ivy Mansion
Titles Scrap Valley
Upgrade Rates Velfa Library

Webfoot Octopus Temple

*hides under comforter


My primary character is the Ruin Walker Marivel, spelled exactly as it is pronounced. It is NOT Marvel, please note the i in the middle. I also have a Phantom Mage named CeciliaAdlehyde, which is also spelled exactly as it is pronounced. If you wish to contact me, it is easier to mail or whisper Marivel, as that is where I will probably be. I can also be found on Skype with the name Synesthesia. Please note that I use an old version compatible with X-Trap. I generally don't respond to email, but feel free to send it. However, feel free to PM me through the forums.

When I am online, I am typically not afk, and as such I may actually be doing something like farming Sphinx or... farming Sphinx. Or hiding on my Ministrel. Or sitting on my PM wondering what? I'm supposed to do with it. I also occasionally update My Shop, though I generally have nothing to sell. It's more of a personal reminder of stuff I need t obuy.

My currently projected online times for August 27th through mid December:

Monday & Saturday: ~11:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Wednesday: ~8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Tuesday & Thursday: ~8:00 AM - 12:15PM, 12:50 PM - 6:15 PM
Friday: ~Noon - 2:30 PM

All times are Eastern Standard Time (that's the eastern coast of the United States). OGP time is calculated by subtracting 3 hours. If I'm not online, I'm probably doing something liking paying attention in class, or taking a midterm. I'm also typically not online during federal holidays, term breaks, and other holidays and (school) days off.

In case some of you haven't figured it out, I actually play during classes, as my home internet sucks balls. As upgrading my home net is going to cost more than I'd really like to shell out, this will continue on for some time.

Using Google Drive (Spreadsheets)


Google Drive is technically it's own format, based on Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program. It doesn't support downloading into .xslx format, so beware.

The area circled green shows where all the individual sheets for various whatevers of whatever spreadsheet you're looking at. The tabs are found at the bottom of screen; simply click whichever one you want, and the appropriate sheet will come to the top. If there are so many freaking sheets that your browser can't fit them all, click the left and right arrows in the area circled red to cycle through all the available sheets.

An alternative is to look at the bottom left corner of your browser. Here, in the area circled blue, you find a bunch of horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. Click it to show all the sheets within the spreadsheet, then click the appropriate sheet.


A note about the Dual status

For lack of better and shorter terminology, I have decided to list all of the new combined Physical/Magic attributes as XXXXXXXXXX Dual. If something says Crit Rate Dual, then it simply means that both Physical and Magic Crit Rate are increased. Do note that the difference between Dual and individual is significant in terms of game coding/programming.

The only thing retroactively affected by this new designation is Husky. Titles such as I'm a ranker and I'm an enemy already have the new Dual listing.

A note about the Status v2


With the recent revision of TDD to Decrease Target's Defense, I've decided to adjust my naming conventions. On some some statuses you'll notice a v2 at the end of it. This will indicate a slightly different version which may or may not stack additively with the original version. Like the Dual Status, this is significant from a programming standpoint.

Farming with Item Drop Rate


IDR is shorthand for Item Drop Rate, while RIDR is Rare Item Drop Rate. Both of them are related to items dropped by a monster, but affect different aspects. For clarity purposes, I will refer to Item Drop Rate as IDR, and Rare Item Drop Rate as Option Rate.

When you kill a monster, the game determines whether you will get items or not, based on your IDR. At this point, items a monster can drop are split into two categories: Single Items and items within an Itemset. For each bag a monster drops, Single Items and items from Itemsets are determined and placed into the bag for you to loot. The number of bags dropped is usually a fixed range; most common monsters drop only 1 bag, while most boss monsters drop anywhere from 4-20 bags. There are exceptions to both of these rules, and it is largely possible that a monster may not drop bags at all. Some monsters have no drops, and without IDR it is normal to get no bags from common monsters. It is impossible to not get a bag from a Boss. There is no way you can affect the numbers of bags dropped by a monster. Stop asking.

Single Items are determined first, and the most common Single Item is a Monster Illustration Card. Other Single Items are largely dependent on what monsters and what area you are in. Excluding special events, a monster can have up to 3 Single Items.

An Itemset is a massive group of items from which the game picks just one and gives it to you. Itemsets can have as few as 2 items or as many as a few dozen. You can only get 1 item per itemset. A monster can have up to 9 Itemsets.

In theory, a single bag can contain 12 items, 3 Single Items + 9 items from Itemsets. In reality, you will rarely see anything above 6-8 items.


When your character is created, you have a "natural" IDR of 100%. Say there is a monster called Dempsey, and he has a Single Item named White Wolves Tear. Its Listed Drop Rate is 25%.

Now, a Listed Drop Rate is the drop rate before it is affected by any IDR. Listed drop rates are found by digging around the game files, which I will not be discussing/teaching in this thread or anywhere else (usually). I have links to spreadsheets detailing Listed Drop Rates for most monsters in La Tale below. If you don't trust them or think they're wrong, you're free to dig them out on your own.

Anyways, MATH. With your newly created character, you kill a Dempsey. Knowing that Single Items are determined first, you can calculate your chances of getting the White Wolves Tear by multiplying your total IDR against the Listed Drop Rate. Because we have no other IDR to speak of, this is simple multiplication:

Natural IDR x Listed Drop Rate = Overall Drop Rate
100% x 25% = 25%

Therefore, with absolutely no IDR from other sources, Listed Drop Rate = Overall Drop Rate.


So what happens when you have external IDR sources? All of that external IDR is combined additively to your natural IDR. Common external sources of IDR are Holy Waters, Nostrums, Equipment, and the Treasure Hunter/Ruin Walker skill Lucky Hit. There are about a dozen other sources of IDR, but those are the most well known and most used. Note that the Lucky Hit skill must be the killing blow in order for it to work.

So, let's say you have a Enhanced Item Nostrum active, and a piece of Fashion Equipment that has an +2% IDR enchantment on it. We'll kill a Dempsey for a White Wolves Tear again:

(Natural IDR + Enhanced Item Nostrum + Fashion Equipment) x Listed Drop Rate = Overall Drop Rate
(100% + 200% + 2%) x 25% = ???
(302%) x 25% = 75.5%

Some of the less mathemetically inclined will immediately ask, "How did you put that into your calculator?" Make a total of all your IDR, in this case it's 302%. Leave off the % sign, and divide by 100.

302 / 100 = 3.02

Now, multiply that by the Listed Drop Rate:

3.02*25 = 75.5

Put the percent sign back on:

Overall Drop Rate = 75.5%

Why did I do it that way? Because it is conceptually easier and faster. Most people know to convert a % into a decimal form by dividing by 100, but I eliminate that step in certain portions for expediency.


Let's kill an Elysta this time. Elysta drops Vintor Frozen Gun +9 (a Single Item) at a Listed Drop Rate of 95%. We have a Prime Item Nostrum, Prime IDR Holy Water, +15% IDR on Fashion Equipment, and we can use the Lucky Hit skill, which gives +400% IDR. Assume we kill Elysta with Lucky Hit.

(Natural IDR + Prime Item Nostrum + Prime IDR Holy Water + Fashion Equipment + Lucky Hit) x Listed Drop Rate = Overall Drop Rate
(100% + 500% + 500% + 15% + 400%) x 95% = ???
(1515%) x 95% = 1439.25%

Well, knowing that a guarantee for anything means 100%, what does this result mean? It simply means that you always get the item with that much IDR. The game caps drop rates at 100%, because anything beyond that is meaningless.


Now let's do some reverse calculations. Let's say I want a 100% drop rate on the White Wolves Tear that Dempsey drops. How much IDR would I need? Given: Listed Drop Rate of White Wolves Tear from Dempsey is 25%.

(Natural IDR + All Other IDR) x Listed Drop Rate = Overall Drop Rate
(100% + All Other IDR) x 25% = 100%

Divide each side by 25%:

(100% + All Other IDR) = 400%

Subtract 100% from each side:

All Other IDR = 300%

Therefore, to obtain a 100% drop rate for this particular item, you would need a total over 300% or greater IDR. Again, for the less mathmetically inclined:

(100% + All Other IDR) x 25% = 100%

Take the % off the Listed Drop Rate and Overall Drop Rate. Divide the Listed Drop Rate by 100.

25 / 100 = .25
(100% + All Other IDR) x .25 = 100

Now divide each side by .25, and put the % back onto the right hand side:

(100% + All Other IDR) = 400
(100% + All Other IDR) = 400%

And subtract from both sides normally:

All Other IDR = 300%


I've been rambling on for quite a while about Single Items. But what about Itemsets? Before an item is picked from an Itemset, the game must decide whether it will give you something from that Itemset in the first place. This is done exactly the same way as Single Items.

Say Dempsey has an Itemset called Advanced Coliseum Weapons +20. The Listed Drop Rate is 33%. We have an Advanced IDR Holy Water active.

(Natural IDR + Advanced IDR Holy Water) x Listed Drop Rate = Overall Drop Rate
(100% + 100%) x 33% = ???
(200%) x 33% = 66%

Therefore, you have a 66% chance of getting from an item from this particular Itemset.

Now, this particular Itemset has 16 items in it. Conveniently, the probability of getting any one of these items is even amongst all the items. That is, 6.25% chance for each item. This is not necessarily the case for all Itemsets; many will split it unevenly, such as 70%/30% or 25%/24%/23%/22%/6%. Your IDR does not affect what item you get from within the Itemset. Your IDR only affects you getting the Itemset in the first place.

Assuming that you got the Itemset, you will always get exactly 1 item from it. There are only a few known instances of Itemsets containing a blank spot for an item, but generally, you will never have to worry about that.

For those that are curious, the Adv Coli Weapons +20 Itemset is real. However, no monster actually drops it.

Over 9000% Option Rate for a Single Level 1 Option?


Option Rate is that curiosity that nobody can explain to anybody's satisfaction. This is more of a collection of notes than an actual explanation of how it works.

Each monster is given five Rare Probabilities, labeled 1 through 5. Each of these numbers is affected by your Option Rate. When the monster is killed, these numbers are checked and modified by your total Option Rate. Now, assume the game decides to put a piece of equipment into the bag.

Every piece of equipment has an attribute called Rare Limit. This determines how many Options can be on a piece of equipment at any given moment. The lowest Rare Limit is 1, and the highest is 5. Given that most enchantable equipment only allow one enchantment of your choice, this means most dropped equipment comes with 0 to 4 Options. This explains why certain Special Items never come with an Option, such as Hell Earrings; the Rare Limit on that particular piece of equipment is 1.

So, let's do some speculation. These are the Rare Probabilites of selected monsters:

Monster Name Rare Probability # 1 Rare Probability # 2 Rare Probability # 3 Rare Probability # 4 Rare Probability # 5
Priring 55000 5148 708 83 14
Gandolf 35000 26301 5596 892 122
Vintor 1 500 9000 4500 350
Luseria 1 20222 4464 746 102
Hero King Theseus 35000 21000 0 0 0
Theseus the Cradle 20000 35000 10000 0 0

I assume that these values are divided by 1 million and are applied to all monsters. Therefore, we get:

Monster Name Rare Probability # 1 Rare Probability # 2 Rare Probability # 3 Rare Probability # 4 Rare Probability # 5
Priring 5.5% 0.5148% 0.0708% 0.0083% 0.0014%
Gandolf 3.5% 2.6301% 0.5596% 0.0892% 0.0122%
Vintor 0.0001% 0.05% 0.90% 0.45% 0.035%
Luseria 0.0001% 2.0222% 0.4464% 0.0746% 0.0102%
Hero King Theseus 3.5% 2.1% 0% 0% 0%
Theseus the Cradle 2.0% 3.5% 1% 0% 0%

So, why did I choose to divide by 1,000,000? Why not 100,00? While it's not a particularly applicable argument, it just felt right. Let's apply an Option Rate of 500%.

Monster Name Rare Probability # 1 Rare Probability # 2 Rare Probability # 3 Rare Probability # 4 Rare Probability # 5
Priring 33.0% 3.0888% 0.4248% 0.0498% 0.0084%
Gandolf 21.0% 15.7806% 3.3576% 0.5352% 0.0732%
Vintor 0.0006% 0.30% 5.40% 2.70% 0.210%
Luseria 0.0006% 12.1332% 2.6784% 0.4476% 0.0612%
Hero King Theseus 21.0% 12.6% 0% 0% 0%
Theseus the Cradle 12.0% 21.0% 6% 0% 0%

This seems fairly reasonable to me. My interpretation of Rare Probability is that each label represents how many options would be put onto a piece of equipment. Therefore, Rare Probability # 1 would put a single Option on, and # 2 would put on 2 Options, and so on. Each successive label would overwrite any previous label.

However, if you instead divided by 100,000, this would mean that under 500% Option Rate, you guaranteed at least 2 options on Capt. Bong's Glasses, Hero King Cloaks/Rings, and possibly Luseria Cloaks/Earrings. If so, what's the point of having so many sources of Option Rate? As it stands, you can attain more than 3000% Option Rate.

Even then, there are still more questions:

What is the purpose of Rare Probability # 5? Does this mean an item can drop with 5 Options, and that you cannot enchant it? Or is it some forgotten aspect the developers just left in there?

What's up with that 1 in Rare Probability # 1? It appears that many bosses have this value for this attribute. Does it mean everything is guaranteed at least 1 Option? If so, why write extraneous code to check for a 1 when you could simply put 1,000,000? If not, what does 1 mean?


It should be noted that TAID boxes have varying degrees of Rare Probability values. 1st place is always the best, and 3rd place is always the worst.


Well that was thoroughly confusing, wasn't it? Here's something that isn't; the level of the Option is not affected by your Option Rate. It is strictly chance.

Standard Chance
TAID Chance
1 100%
1 100%
2 90%
2 80%
3 81%
3 60%
4 72%
4 40%
4 64%
5 20%
5 57%

6 51%

7 45%

8 40%

9 40%

10 36%

Damn, that was easy.

Dotnuri Rewards


As I was digging around in the quests files, I came upon the DotNuri rewards, and figured I should post an abbreviated version of them.

When you accept the quest, you get an invisible 5 minute time limit. If you finish and return the quest within 5 minutes, you get the 1st listed buff. If you finish after 5 minutes, you get the 2nd one.

Prerequisite(s) Dora Repeat Reward # 1 Reward # 2

DotNuri 999 Ely Gain +100%  

    HP Recovery +50%  
DotNuri x1 DotNuri-2- 999 Option Rate +100%  

    Max HP +25%  
DotNuri-2- x1 DotNuri-3- 999 IDR +20%  

    Received P Damage -1%  
DotNuri-3- x1 DotNuri-4- 999 Exp Gain +30%  

    Option Rate +20%  
DotNuri-4- x1 DotNuri-5- 999 Physical Crit Damage +50% Magic Crit Damage +50%

    SP Recovery +50%  
DotNuri-5- x1 DotNuri-6- 999 Physical Crit Rate +5% Magic Crit Rate +5%

    Movement Speed +30%  
DotNuri-6- x1 DotNuri-7- 999 Max P Damage +20% Max M Damage +20%

    Ely Gain +20%  
DotNuri x19 Bonus Stage One! 1 Skill Point +1
DotNuri-2- x19 Bonus Stage Two! 1 Skill: DOT Money
DotNuri-3- x19 Bonus Stage Three! 1 Skill: Item Level Limit increase by 1
DotNuri-4- x19 Bonus Stage-Four- 1 Skill: Critical Rate + 2%
DotNuri-5- x19 Bonus Stage-Five- 1 Skill: Critical Damage + 10%
DotNuri-6- x19 Bonus Stage-Six- 1 Skill: Min-Max Damage + 3%
DotNuri-7- x19 Bonus Stage-Seven- 1 Title: DotNuri Master



Because I am a low level noob, everything I have written in this thread is incorrect. Everything in any referenced spreadsheets is also incorrect. All numbers were created with a Random Number Generator and placed in a highly disorganized format using faulty logic. Therefore, all data is claimed to be 100% correct without the least attempt to verify ingame accuracy. Any discrepancies between this supposed data and anything you find in ggFTW/jLT wiki is the product of pure trolling. Any resemblance to anything ingame is purely coincidental.

If you don't understand something in this tl;dr thread, please don't bother asking for clarification. You're probably just too stupid anyways. My arrogance and superiororororness allow me to gain omnipotence the picosecond I delve into the game files. If you hear a Kefka-like laugh a few minutes after making a post in thread, consider it my gift to you.

All of my opinions expressed in this thread are based on strawberry cheesecake and were formed while eating fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies.

If you do not know the meaning of the word facetious, please look it up. You may then apply the meaning to this entire thread, excluding this disclaimer. Should you decide to apply it to this disclaimer, then do so at your own risk.


Not sure why you're PMSing

1) Probably because I do that as a natural cycle
2) I don't take being wrong especially well in the first place, more so when no one bothers to tell me about it. While I'm sure some people take enjoyment in letting me run around being wrong, I'm pretty sure that certain aren't actually that way, so...
3) When I'm wrong, I have to go fix things, and due to my shoddy memory, if I don't fix it immediately, it'll slip my mind until someone brings it up again 2 months later. And since I'm not particularly fond of being reminded of certain things...


As with any Massively Multiplayer Online game, I do not expect certain things to change very often, like droprates or defense values of monsters. Therefore, don't expect any of my spreadsheets to be updated every two weeks. However, I will make the effort to update them when we get actual content updates, such as new areas or equipments, or if somebody notices something out of the ordinary, such as severely lowered droprates of certain items.

That being said, all copyrights and trademarks belong to Actoz. All the bad coding, lousy database formatting, funky sprites, bad Engrish translations, and whatever else is probably their fault.

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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 10:50am Quote ultimapi Reply
2. Spreadsheets


This is a collection of my spreadsheets, which can also be found here. There will be new stuff added periodically, until I've gone through every file and squeezed every last bit of info out of them. Each spreadsheet will be tailored to its individual characteristics, so while Quest spreadsheets will look similar, some will be missing certain fields that others have, simply because they are unnecessary for that particular batch of quests.

However, I do not actually recommend clicking the master link. For whatever reason, a lot of functionality is removed or blocked, such as downloading. Instead, follow the individual links provided below.

All values and names come straight from internal values. This explains why you see such oddities as "Advanced Golem for Work Illustrated Card" or "Chunsiklia" (I changed certain monster names to reflect what you see ingame). I mean, really? Are we back in the 80's or something?

Some spreadsheets will come with their own description of what its about inside the spreadsheet itself, which you can find in the  Overview tab. Some spreadsheets may also contain a tab labeled Overview - Charts & Labels (or just Labels), describing various column headings and/or displaying some smaller tables that would screw up the formatting of the Overview tab. Other spreadsheets should be self-explanatory, so you'll find a brief description about it here.


2a. Lists & Tables


Crafting - A listing of everything you can craft with the crafting skills. Includes crafting experience table and unreleased 5th tier craftable items. Does not include item stats, but does include skill levels. Also includes Cooking quests, which are found in the Alchemy - Food tab at the very bottom. This spreadsheet will be somewhat modified when the Season 2 update comes; food crafting will be most affected, and armor crafting will gain the Soul Breaker class set armors.


Dirt Clods, Boxes, and Pot - Yes, obviously a trolling joke. This is for the skill Lock Breaker and Dig.

A. Dirt Clods
 1. Non-Quest
   - Spawn Count is for each map listed.
   - Fashion Dirt Clods respawn in 50 secs.
   - Fossil and Cookie Dirt Clods respawn in 10 secs.
   - Itemset droprates should be affected by IDR.
   - All of these Dirt Clods are invisible, so you'll have to walk around and spam the Dig skill to find them.
   - Technically, the game just calls them Clods. Dirt Clod holds more meaning. Maybe.

 2. Quest
   - The Dirt Clods that drop Quest Items are found in Mountain Cave 2 and Underworld Cave.
   - All Quest Items drop at 50%, but are not affected by IDR.
   - These Dirt Clods are visible.
   - Underworld Cave respawns in 20 secs.
   - Mountain Cave 2 respawns in 30 secs.

B. Treasure Box
 - All Treasure Boxes on all listed maps are the same thing.
 - Respawn time for all Treasure Boxes is 2 hours.
 - There is only 1 Treasure Box per map at any given time.
 - Treasure Boxes are affected by IDR.
 - Flushed Cheeks is a Single Item with a drop rate of 0.08%.
 - All other Itemsets are listed in the spreadsheet.
 - No, I'm not going to list out the Craftable Buff Foods.
 - There's a second Treasure Box that occasionally spawns in Crystal Mine. It contains nothing.

C. Locked Box
 - This box can only be opened by the Explorer / Treasure Hunter / Ruin Walker skill Unlock / Lock Breaker.
 - For Explorer/ Treasure Hunter, the available boxes you can open increase as Unlock's skill level increases.
 - For Ruin Walker, Lock Breaker opens all levels.
 - Respawn time is 30 mins.
 - There is only 1 Locked Box per map at any given time.
 - You only get 1 Soul Urn from the Soul Urn sets. I'm not entirely sure how the game applies the probabilities.

D. Small Pot & Small Wood Box
 - Both of these have the same Itemsets.
 - There is only 1 on each listed map at any given time.
 - Respawn time for Small Wood Box is 16 mins 40 secs.
 - Respawn time for Small Pot is 26 mins 40 secs.
 - I don't know.


Enchanting (Item Options) - Every possible option type for almost every possible item. This essentially answers the question: What options come on (insert equip here)?

1. For the purposes of optioning, Rabana's Magic Mantle and Luseria's Cloak are considered Bindis.

2. For the purposes of optioning, Coliseum and Advanced Coliseum Mountain Kong Beauty Guard are considered Shield (K). Shield (K) is the shield type equipped by Knights.

3. Ordinary Gems, Shining Gems, Psykicker Boots, Rogue Knives, and TAID gear have special values when optioned.

4. Rare Item Drop Rate has no effect on the option level you obtain when an item drops. It only affects how many options you get. Your option level is determined by pure chance. See the first post for more details.

5. Those are the chances of obtaining any given level for pretty much any given piece of equipment. Gems, should they be optioned, always come at level 1.

Enchanting (Gem Hammers) - All Gem enchanting.
1. Ordinary Gems can only be enchanted up to level 5. At levels 1-5, the max enchant level is equal to the upgrade level. At levels 6-10, it remains level 5.

2. Shining Gems can be enchanted up to level 10. The max enchant level is equal to the upgrade level.

3. Red Flame Gems cannot be enchanted.

Enchanting (Puzzles) - All enchanting/reoptioning for standard gears.

1. Items that don't exist, such as Super Puzzles, Super Cubes, and certain other normal Cubes are in gray. I probably missed some, but who's looking?

2. Shield (K) refers to the shield that only Knights can equip. For the purposes of optioning, both Coli and Adv Coli Mountain Kong Beauty Guard are considered Shield (K).

3. Fashion Items are all the way at the end. This includes Pet Eggs, standard enchantable Fashions, and Guild Union Accessories.

4. Pet Eggs can be enchanted to level 25. The only pets this applies to are Husky, Wisp, and Skull. Whether it actually works or not in game is another matter, but internally they are ready for level 25 Gemstones.

5. While levels 13,14, and 15 Puzzles, Cubes, and whatnot do not exist in OGP yet, the values are there. They are in the spreadsheets for novelty value.

6. Most people know what levels 11 and 12 Puzzles enchant at a static rate of 70% and 60%, respectively. Levels 13-15 continue this pattern, with 50%, 40%, and 30%, respectively.

7. Pyskicker and Rogue Knife specific values are located in spreadsheets below.

Enchanting (Psykicker) - Psykicker Boots enchanting values. Includes Elemental Physical Attack Damage, base stats, Max HP/SP, and Physical Crit Damage. Note that while we do not have the Puzzles for Elemental Physical Attack Damage, they exist internally. The puzzles, that is.

Enchanting (Rogue Knife) - Rogue Knife enchanting values. Includes Movement Speed, Min/Max P Damage, and Physical Crit Damage. Note that Rogue Knives have a fairly limited amount of options to choose from.

Enchanting (TAID) - TAID specific values. Note that you can't actually enchant TAID gears. Level 6 is there because it's there internally. All Attack Time Cores grant Exp Gain +1% when successfully enchanted.


Experience Tables - A set of tables listing out necessary experience requirements for various level-controlled things. Includes Base Level for OGP with a side-by-side comparison to Korea (for lulz), Crafting, Reputation, and PvP. Pet experience tables can be found in the Pet database (see below).


Fishing Rewards - Stuff you can dredge up while fishing. Stupidly enough, my notes are longer than the relevant tables themselves, so this becomes more of a mini-FAQ.

1. General Info
 A. Fishing Spots
 --- Currently, the only spot is at the Rainbow Fishery. You can find it to the right of the Belos Bar.

 B. Fishing Rod
 --- You must have a Rod equipped to fish. There are 3 types of Rods: Bamboo, Plastic, and Iron.
 --- Bamboo you can buy from Fisherman Hanui for 10k, and is permanent. You get no bonuses with this rod.
 --- Plastic you can obtain from the Astro Shop. There are two versions available, 7 day and 30 day.
       There is a third version available that is permanent, but has not been released yet.
       You gain a 30% Fishing Success Rate bonus with this rod equipped.
 --- The Iron Rod is also not released yet. While this rod provides no bonus to Fishing Success Rate, it cuts the fishing cycle time by approximately half. See below.

C. Fishing Cycle
 --- A fishing cycle has 2 phases, the Wait period, followed immediately by the Catch period.
 --- The Wait period is a set amount of time where you cannot catch fish.
 --- The Catch period is where the game determines whether or not you have caught something.
 --- For Bamboo and Plastic Rods, a Wait Cycle is 7 secs, and the Catch Period is 8 secs.
 --- For Iron Rod, a Wait Cycle is 4, and the Catch Cycle is 3 secs.
 --- When the icon for a caught fish appears, you have 3 seconds to bring it in. If you fail to bring it in, the fishing skill is cancelled.
 --- If you fail to catch something within the Catch Period, you re-enter the Wait period.

 D. Bait
 --- Bait is a consumable item that gives you a Fishing Success Rate buff.
 --- Worthless Paste Bait - 5%
 --- Prime Paste Bait - 10%
 --- Flapping Big Fish Paste Bait - 15%
 --- Legendary Deep-Sea Fishing Vessel Paste Bait - 20%
 --- Bait is generally obtained from Fishing Boxes. See Gambling -> Fishing for more
 --- All buffs last 1 minute, unless you find out how to get the 1 hour version of the Bait.

 E. Fishing Titles
 --- Fishing Expert - Fishing Success Rate +5%
 --- Fishing King - Fishing Success Rate +8%
 --- Fishing Master - Fishing Success Rate +13%
 --- Fishing Lord - Fishing Success Rate +20%
 --- Titles are obtained from Fishing Boxes and Scavenging. See Gambling -> Fishing and Scaveneing for more details.

 F. The Art of Fishing
 --- To fish, use the Fishing skill in your Action Tab in your Skill Window. It is suggested that you hotkey it.
 --- You'll throw your line into the water. After a fishing cycle has ended, you may or may not see a fishy on your line.
 --- If you see one, use the Fishing skill again to pull it up. It will automatically go into your inventory if you have room.
 --- If not, you will continue fishing until you get something.
 --- Wiggling your mouse will not attract fishes faster. Wiggling yourself is best done in the presence of others.
       It is highly inadvisable to wiggle your computer/laptop/monitor.
 * The base Fishing Success Rate is currently unknown, and will probably forever remain unknown. Sorry.

2. Auto vs. Manual Fishing
 - Manual Fishing picks items from Group 1. You have a 99.5% chance to get an item from Group 1a, and 0.5% chance from Group 1b.
 - Autofishing picks items from Group 2. You have a 95% chance to get an item from Group 2a, and 5% chance from Group 2b.
 - The difference is, Autofishing only gives you 30 catches per hour, regardless of Fishing Success Rate or Fishing Cycle Time.


Gambling - Everyone enjoys clicking stuff to get random stuff, but sometimes it's good to know if that stuff is just crap or not.

 - All items are sorted in some (twisted) logical grouping, and are sorted from highest probability to lowest
 - All items that only have 1 possible item are discarded. These are mostly pet and fashion coupons.
 - Guild Mission Scrolls have an equal chance (10%) of giving you any of the 10 possible missions.
 - Guild Mission Eggs also have an equal chance (20%) for any of the 5 possible missions.
 - Sealed SS5 Scrolls have an equal chance (25%) of giving you any of the 4 possible missions.
 --- The 10th Scroll only has 1 possible mission, so no choice there (100%).
 - Ely Pouches always give a constant amount of Ely:

Trivial Ely Pouch 1,000
Empty Ely Pouch 3,000
Flimsy Ely Pouch 5,000
Baggy Ely Pouch 10,000
Little Ely Pouch 50,000
Ely Pouch 200,000
Advanced Ely Pouch 300,000
Enhanced Ely Pouch 500,000
Superior Ely Pouch 700,000
Prime Ely Pouch 1,000,000

Guild Union Foods - All currently available Guild Union Foods and their effects. Includes a stacking rule set that applies only to Guild Union Foods. It is assumed that these foods override craftable food effects, but you never know until you try. That, and I don't really feel like cross-referencing them.

Item Codex - Codex for Season 1, when we were able to determine probabilites.

Item Codex, Season 2 - OGP's current Item Codex. Items can be turned in to Ignate in Elias. See this if you need more help.

 - Grand Totals section for lulz.

 - Probabilities can no longer be determined from the files. Don't ask.

kLT Episode 12 - Let's see if you can find it...

La Deck Prizes - A listing of current La Deck Prizes. Derp. Almost makes you wonder why Darts are going up...

Mining - A guide of how to mine, where to mine, and what you get for hours of hitting the same button a few hundred thousand times. Mining is typically used by beginners to make money, as minerals gained by Mining are used for all levels of upgrading, crafting equipment, and other things.


Monster Droplist (Monsters w/Card) - Every single item a monster drops, assuming it can also drop a card. You can learn more about IDR and Itemsets in the very first post of this thread. Ocean King's Heart and Phoenix's Egg were added in manually, since those parts don't actually drop cards.

1. Single Items
 - Reputation, Experience, Ely Range, Stuff, and Cards
 - Stuff is stuff like SS5 Scrolls and Guild Crystals, but also includes stuff like Uga Uga Axe and Feather Shield/Staff

2. Misc Drop Itemset
 - All the Miscellaneous crap that goes into your Misc Inventory
 - This is stuff you may need Quests, Crafting, and Item Codex

3. Other Itemsets
 - This is crap nobody really cares about, like Emotes, NPC Equips, and NPC Pots.
 - All itemsets are given a generic label, and are defined in one of the last 3 sheets, which are explained a bit later
 - Guild Crystal itemsets, Level 13 Puzzles, Mining Level 2 and Min P/M Damage Master Guidebooks are found here

4. Soul Urn Itemsets
 - All the monsters that drop Soul Urns
 - Note that while Shaggy and Siam have Soul Urns, they don't drop from the monster

5. Special Equip Itemsets
 - Everything else that's classified as Special
 - Again, everything is given a generic label and defined in a later sheet

6. NPC Equip Itemset Definitions
 - This is the defintion sheet for NPC Equip ## labels found in Other Itemsets
 - Every piece of equip that can be found within that itemset
 - Note that the repeats are removed for your convenience
 - Individual probabilities aren't listed, because I'm not 100% sure how it's calculated.
 - However, I'm pretty sure armors have a higher chance of dropping

7. Special Itemset Definitions
 - This is the definition sheet for all the labeled stuff in Special Equip Itemsets
 - I didn't expand the Gem itemsets because that's not very smart. Instead, I listed out the applicable slots
 - Probability applies the upgrade level of the Gem. It is assumed that the odds are equal for each type of Gem
 - Note that Shining TDD/TMDD Gems don't seem drop

8. All Other Itemset Definitions
 - The definition sheet for everything else in the Other Itemsets sheet
 - Common Emote Guidebooks, Warp Capsules, NPC Potion ##, and Guild Crystal itemsets
 - Note that NPC Guild Point Items and Cloak Shrapnels are in the NPC Potion ## itemsets


Monster Droplist (Instance, Non-Card) - - A droplist for monsters in selected instances, mostly Monster Towers and TAIDs.

1. Monster Tower, Part 1
 - Prize Boxes are listed on the far left. Important itemsets are defined to the left of of the Prize Boxes. I didn't feel like re-doing this one, since it's pretty easy to read anyways. The important crap is there, and nobody cares about NPC armors.

2. Monster Tower, Part 2
 - Similar to Monster Tower, Part 1, but with slightly different drops. Those Fire monsters that randomly spawn don't drop anything.
 - The Itemset Definitions sheet directly after it defines only those for Monster Tower, Part 2

3. Coliseum Beginner / Intermediate / Expert / Hardcore
 - Midbosses are in orange.
 - Loltears x2 means that the itemset with White Wolves Tear is checked twice. Geral only checks once.
 - Apparently Accessories don't drop at all. Don't blame me, go ask OGP or Actoz.

4. Invoke TAIDs
 - Nothing much to say here. Run 300% IDR to guarantee a piece in each bag.

5. Hyunmu TAID
 - This one is interesting in that the armors and accessories are lumped into one itemset for the 1st Place box. That means you get EITHER an armor OR an accessory, unlike invoke and Vintor. That and you need like 1011% IDR to guarantee a drop.
 - General Misc. and Soul Urns are the exact same as the normal monsters. So, if you really need to know, go see Monster Droplist (Monsters w/Card).

6. Sphinx TAID
 - Similar to Hyunmu, 1st Place box lumps armors and accessories into one itemset, and you need 1k IDR to guarantee a drop.

7. Vintor TAID
 - 300% IDR to guarantee a drop per bag.
 - For 150, the Plate is called a Gauntlet. Somebody at Actoz can't copy paste.

8. Hero King TAID
 - Some fairly extensive droplists, guess I forgot some stuff last time. The summoned monsters don't drop anything.
 - 1900% IDR to guarantee Gems from Theseus himself, and 4900% IDR for Gems from Treasure Box.
 - Treasure Box has a slightly more reasonable droprate for Hero King Set than Theseus himself. Go ahead, roll 9900% IDR. I dare you.


Monster Droplist (All, Quest Only) - A listing of all the stuff monsters don't drop unless you have a specific quest active.


Monster Encyclopedia - Monster stats for most relevant monsters in the game. This also contains monster spawn counts and locations of spawns for all monsters.

 - Monsters on Map
 --- Every monster on every map. Maps are sorted alphabetically. Only the maximum count of each monster is given. Subsections of maps are given in parentheses where necessary.
 --- 40+ Area Flooded Garden is the only map that contains more than 60 monsters spread over the entire map, so I split them into two rows.
 --- Renamed: Webfoot Octopus Shrine 5, 6, 7, 8, Behemoth Stomach Boss Room. These are gibberish within the files, so these are renamed into something you can understand.

 - Monster on Maps
 --- Every map that a monster spawns on. Monsters are sorted alphabetically. Maps are not listed in any particular order. Map subsections are listed in parentheses, and only the maximum count is listed.
 --- Removed: Fall From Airship, Trap, Locked Box, Clod 1, Treasure Box, Fall!Portal. The first two are just random grabage. Locked Box, Clod 1, and Treasure Box are explained in detail in the spreadsheet named Dirt Clods, Boxes, and Pot. Fall!Portal is mostly for DotNuri. This reduces the width from "good god" to "wow thats a lot of stuff".

Monster that spawn as a result of killing another monster, such as Mabem Soul from Mabem, or most Coliseum monsters, are not listed in either Monster on Maps or Monsters on Map. However, they are listed in the following Monsters (Area) section. Like I said, you're expected to already know that stuff.

 - Monsters (Jiendia)
 - Monsters (Preios)
 - Monsters (Xenadia)
 - Monsters (Monster Tower, Part 1)
 - Monsters (Monster Tower, Part 2)
 - Monsters (Coliseum Beginner)
 - Monsters (Coliseum Intermediate)
 - Monsters (Coliseum Expert)
 - Monsters (Coliseum Hardcore)
 --- Monsters are sorted on the continent they spawn. Roughly speaking, they are ordered based on when they were introduced to the public. This means that the "newer" monsters are further down at the bottom.
 --- For Coliseum, every monster with a level divisible by 5 (i.e. 20, 35) has a chance to summon multiple monsters, chosen from the list. All other monsters with levels not divisible by 5 have a chance to summon a single monster, chosen from the list.
 --- For everything not Hardcore, the game tags a certain monster as being the one to kill to summon the Midboss/Geral. Since you can't tell which one it is ingame, I don't bother attempting it here. For Hardcore, Geral shows up once Siam dies.

 - Special Notes
 --- Labyrinth Instance Dungeon Monster Recovery Buff: Recovers 20k HP, but it's delayed long enough that it probably doesn't matter.

 --- Lucky Strike Bomb Drop Limitation Effect: Somewhere along the line, this probably increases the monster drop rate for everything. Not sure how, not really sure why. The boost appears to be really small, though.

 --- Stun/Sleep/Silence Resist: More like immunity.

 --- Clear the slow duration of the instance dungeon: Not entirely sure what this is. Probably a more visible trigger for opening the portal to the next map.

Some statistics are obvious, and some require a bit of thinking and a bit of speculation. Feel free to vocally disagree with me. For file diggers, this is the what I did to MOBBASE:

Removed (Tuples and Attributes):
Target Type - For the purposes of this spreadsheet, all monsters of Target Type 3 are included, and all others excluded. Everything else is stuff like triggers, traps, summons, minerals, etc. This cuts out about 1/3 of the tuples found in this file.

Monsters that have no translated name, <= 20 HP, most Treasure Boxes, and some other event based crap. This cuts out about 100 or so of the remaining monsters.

MOD BaseMHP - The formula for Total HP = MOD BaseMHP + (Base Def * (CLASS MHP FACTOR / 100)). I believe Excel automatically rounded to the nearest whole number.

MOD BaseMSP - Because nobody cares. Well, if you do care, most later bosses have an SP bar equal to their HP bar. Happy?

Base Guard - It's not Evasion, Defense, or Physical/Magic Damage Decrease. It could be a general damage reduction % though. 3 monsters have a Base Guard:
 - Powerful Ramia - 10
 - Muscling - 27
 - Big Muscle - 30

Base Damage Absolute - Nobody has this. I guess this is some sort of guaranteed damage before skill mods kick in. This isn't base damage, that's a bit later.

Base Def Penetration / Base Ele Penetration - This should be Target Defense Decrease and Target Magic Defense Decrease, respectively. No monster has TDD, but apparently the Weak Goblin family has a tiny amount of TMDD. Not sure why.
 - Weak Goblin Kid: 1
 - Weak Goblin Woman: 2
 - Weak Goblin Soldier: 3

Base Critical Damage / Base Ele Critical Damage - All monsters have a base physical critical damage modifier of 50%. All monsters except Phoenix have a base magic crit damage modifier of 50%. Phoenix has a crit damage of 65%.

Base Heal Critical Augment / Base Heal Critical Probability - Augment is how much the Critical Heal would add, and for all monsters is 50%. Probability is the chance that the heal would Critical. About 70% of monsters have a Probability of 50%, though I'm not aware of most of those monsters even having a Healing skill. As such, I decided to remove this attribute.

Class MHP Factor / Class MSP Factor - See MOD Base MHP / MOD Base MSP.

Class Recv HP Factor / Class Recv SP Factor - Similar to a player's natural HP/SP recovery, except monsters die a lot faster than a player will, so people don't really care. This is likely to be a multiplier of some sort, but against what, I don't know.

Base Phy Dodge Rate / Base Mag Dodge Rate - Exists only in Coliseum.

Base Back Dam / Base Ele Back Dam - The Physical / Magic Back Attack Damage modifier is 20% for all monsters. Only Phoenix's Egg has a modifier of 0.

Base Atk Add Factor / Base Atk Ratio Factor - Not entirely sure what these are. Base Atk Ratio is 200 for all monsters. I'm inclined to believe that this number gets scaled in damage calculations.

Base Ele Add Factor / Base Ele Ratio Factor - Base Ele Add tends to be lower than Base Atk Add. Otherwise, see above. Base Ele Ratio is 200 for all monsters.

Base Heal HP Add / Base Heal SP Add - Additional healing? All monsters have 0 in both attributes.

Base Heal HP Factor / Base heal SP Factor - I guess a final modifier for heal values, though they're although 100 for both attributes. Presumably 100% of Heal value.

Base Ele Damage Absolute - Same as Base Damage Absolute. The normal Shangri-La Hyunmu, and two body parts of Ocean King all have 100 of this attribute.

Base Water/Wind/Fire/Earth Min/Max Damage - Nobody has any of this. The normal Selki has values of 15 for Water Min/Max.

Water/Wind/Fire/Earth Dam - Probably a base physical elemental damage.

Phy/Ele Immune - Physical or Magic Immunity. Fortunately, no monster has it.

Water/Wind/Fire/Earth immune - Immunity to an element. No monster has it.

Base Drop Speed / Base Max Drop Speed - How fast a monster falls down, usually from a ledge or from getting juggled into the air. All monsters have a base drop speed of 1600.

EffectID4 - No monster has a 4th special effect.

Drop Place - Something to do with how a monster spawns. Not really all that relevant, as long as it spawns.

Active Mob - Not entirely sure. Summoned Jewel Dragon and Summoned Luzman are flagged as Active mob, though.

LifeTime / LifeTime2 - This is mostly for summoned monsters. This is the min/max time a monster hangs around harassing you until it disappears. I removed it because there aren't that many summoned monsters left after the intial parsing. Remember that these are the summoned versions:

Shadow Ninja, all colors - 10 secs
Baby Dragons, all elements - 10 secs
Spirit of [Element] (Elite) - 10 secs
Corrupted Temple Knight 140 / Wanderer Sister 14+ - 10 secs
Fierie, from Ifrit's Volcanoes - 10 - 30 secs
Mad Cerberus / Gnoll / Violent Gnoll / Flying Armor / Demon Armor - 20 - 30 secs
Summoned Jewel Dragon Cradle Scholar / Polluted Cradle Scholar - 10 secs
Summoned Jewel Dragon / Luzman - 60 secs
Fire Fierie / Mabem / Nue / Brread / Puke / Giant (from Monster Tower, Part 2) - 120 secs

Renamed (Attributes):
Lv -> Level: Well, I probably could have let this one be, but I have a personal hatred against this shorthand.

Base Atk -> Strength
Base Def -> Stamina
Base Ele -> Magic
Base Luk -> Luck
: Largely because you'll never see your base stats called Def or Ele in game.

Base Atk Min Dam / Base Atk Max Dam -> Physical Attack Range %: These two values provide the damage variance that we see in game. Your damage, after skill modifiers, is multiplied by these numbers to provide your damage range. I combined them into 1 column.

Base Ele Min Dam / Base Ele Max Dam -> Magic Attack Range %: Same as above, for Magic.

Base Speed X -> Horizontal Speed: When a monster chooses to move, it will have a maximum speed listed here. This should be for the hitbox's movement speed; the fact that the monster's sprite has moved is largely irrelevant (see Invoke EX) other than for the convenience of the player. Monsters with a speed of 0 cannot move.

Base Speed Y -> Vertical Speed: This isn't a speed in the traditional sense, more of a gauge of how much "gravity" affects this monster. Monsters with a lower vertical speed (-900 and -800) are greatly affected by "gravity", and as such don't go flying off into space when they get around to jumping. Your traditional "flying" monsters (-225, -195, -165) are less affected by gravity, but don't necessarily go shooting upwards. Monsters that can't jump or fly have a speed of 0 (again, Invoke's hitbox doesn't slowly move, it's instant). Ocean King's body (or whatever part it is) is the odd monster out, with a positive speed. Don't know.

An alternative explanation is that this attribute is some sort of maxiumum limit, but I don't feel I can explain this one thoroughly...

Base Water -> Water Intensity
Base Wind -> Wind Intensity
Base Fire -> Fire Intensity
Base Earth -> Earth Intensity
: There's a few monsters that don't have all Intensities equal to each other.

Base Reduce Damage Absolute -> Physical Damage Defense: The wording makes it fairly obvious, but looking at HK and Theseus Cradle makes it more obvious.

Base Jump Atk -> Base Jump Attack
Base Normal -> Base Plain Attack
Base Heavy -> Base Hard Attack
: Base damages before modifiers like Base Atk Min/Max Damage.

Base Phy Hit Rate / Base Ele Hit Rate -> Physical / Magic Accuracy: I'm relatively sure this isn't scaled down at some point in hit/miss calculations, because it would have to be pretty drastic in some cases. If you ever get around to dodging Coliseum monsters consistently, your next challenege is Monster Tower, Part 2. Only Phoenix has a differing Physical and Magic Accuracy rate.

Base Phy Dodge Rate / Base Ele Dodge Rate -> Physical / Magic Evasion: Only Coliseum monsters have this attribute. Not immediately sure why it's all negative.

Base Armor -> Defense: A lot of monsters don't seem to go over 3k, except for Coliseum Hardcore. Intersesting that Monster Tower, Part 2 monsters have... no defense?

Base Ele Reduce Damage Absolute -> Magic Damage Decrease: Same as Base Reduce Damage Absolute.

Base Res Water -> Water Resistance
Base Res Wind -> Wind Resistance
Base Res Fire -> Fire Resistance
Base Res Earth -> Earth Resistance
: Like Intensities, some monsters just have to have differing Resistances.

EffectID1-3 -> Special Notes:
 - Labyrinth Instance Dungeon Monster Recovery Buff: Recovers 20k HP, but it's delayed long enough that it probably doesn't matter.

 - Lucky Strike Bomb Drop Limitation Effect: Somewhere along the line, this probably increases the monster drop rate for everything. Not sure how, not really sure why. The boost appears to be really small, though.

 - Stun/Sleep/Silence Resist: More like immunity.

 - Clear the slow duration of the instance dungeon: Not entirely sure what this is. Probably a more visible trigger for opening the portal to the next map.

RecallID -> Summon upon Death: I decided to remove all the non-Coliseum RecallIDs, because most of them point to stuff you can't target, or stuff that you should already know.

Coliseum recalls are a bit more tangible. Every time you kill a monster, it spawns another one in its place. What monster you get is determined by chance. Killing certain monsters gives a small chance to summon additional monsters.

For file diggers:

The RecallID attribute, if it's not = 0, calls the RECALL file, grabs the appropriate tuple, and looks at the RecallType.

If RecallType = 1, then it sums up the probabilities, divides by the number of monsters in the list, then picks one monster from the list based on the percentages.

If RecallType = 2, then each probability is individually divided by 100, and the game determines whether is wants to spawn the monster or not. It does this for each monster in the list.

MobIDs in this file are compared to IDs in the MOBARRANGE file. This gives us a spawn area (StageID, MapGroupID, MapID, RectLeft, RectTop, RectRight, RectLeft) and a MobID. This MobID points to MOBBASE (or GLOBAL_MOB, but I like MOBBASE better) for monster names and such.


Monster Illustration - The old Season 1 version

 - Numbers in parentheses indicate that monsters spawn in a particular section of the map. If you have your mini-map active, you'll notice that near the coordinates is a number followed by a backslash and another number. The first number is the map section you're in, and the second number is the total sections in that map. For example, Bifrost has 7 sections. Gota can be found in sections (1-6).

Monster Illustration, Season 2 - Every card currently obtainable in OGP. Sorted by level ranges, as seen in game.

1. Overview
 - Cards are obtained by killing monsters and are found in your Consume Inventory.
 - Click on them to use them. Cards are not Tradable or Bankable.
 - Stats gained are permanent, but only apply to the character that used it.
 - Not all monsters drop cards.

2. The Grand Totals section is just for lulz. This just shows you that it actually is worthwhile to complete the Monster Illustrations. Some of you may remember that I had subtotals for individual level ranges; those have been removed.

3. No more monster locations. Don't feel like putting forth the effort. Have fun!


NPC Exchange Lists - This is a compilation of 4 different game files (though it could easily be 8+) into 2 distinct information sets, NPCs and their Exchange Options, and the Exchange Details. It is divided by NPC and sorted roughly in the order that you'll meet them, with a few exceptions. Please let me know if you spot anything wrong or if you can provide additional information.

1. General
 - Some NPCs provide the exact same Exchange Options, and are condensed to save space.
 - Some Exchange Details are highly redundant with very minor differences, and are condensed and explained here.
 - Where convenient, Required Items are listed vertically instead of horizontally.

2. Toma
 - Sarah Ashelot of the Guild Union apparently provides many of the same Exhange Options as Toma.
 - Exchange Details for Ignate's Title Coupon Exchange can be found under Ignate - Various Items.

3. Ases
 - For Topaz Coin Exchange, only the exchange for +0 is listed. You can exchange a normal Coliseum weapon for a number of Topaz Coins equalling the Upgrade Level + 1, and Ases accepts Upgrade Levels up through and including +6.

4. Sero, Miro
 - Sero is in Elias. Miro is in Belos.
 - Gemstones are condensed to save room.

5. Shalo
 - Costume Unisex Capsule can be purchased through the Fashion Shop.

6. Shurbur
 - All 3 guild types are condensed.

7. Einst, Jade, Liz, Rena Heilen
 - Where convenient, gems and hammers are condensed.

8. Puzzle & Cube
 - Naffy's Ely Puzzle/Cube is located before Rare Puzzle/Cube.
 - Naffy has the Cat Set Exchange within his Cube Trade.
 - All Puzzles and Cubes are condensed for the sake of sanity.

9. Removed, Seasonal, Unknown, and Unassociated Exchanges
 - This is a general mishmash of stuff that doesn't seem to be ingame anymore.
 - Some of these are probably categorized incorrectly, so if you know where they go, please let me know.
A. Seasonal
 --- These are past content update and holiday Exchanges. These generally don't exist anymore.
B. Unknown Exchanges
 --- This is mostly a bunch that the developers never got around to implementing.
C. Unassociated Exchanges
 --- An extension of Unknown Exchanges, but this time without any NPCs.
 --- This contains the most interesting Exchanges, like older costumes, Guild Item Exchanges, Pet Ability Exchanges, and the Permanent Fishing Tuna Hat Exchange.
 --- The obvious caveat being, that they aren't implemented ingame, of course.

NPC Trade Lists - This is everything every NPC sells. Ever.
 - A blank Quantity means 1.
 - Options is the number of Options an item comes with when bought from the NPC.
 - NPCs are sorted by area, and roughly in the order you would encounter them.


Ore Exploding - Got Strange Parchments? This is where you use them. Also known as the solution to mining for fish. Oh yeah.

1. Fishfood drops at a rate of 50%. When used, you get a 15 minute buff that increases Exp Gain. This buff stacks with all other Exp Gain buffs.
 - Hot Spicy Fish Soup - 20%, Sweet Carp Drink - 30%, Thick Carp Extract - 40%, Eel Energy Extract - 50%

2. Special Equip 1 drops at a rate of 50%. Each set of rocks has it's own equipment, so see the appropriate Set # to see what you can get.
 - In Low Level Set 2, Ninja Knife cannot be obtained, but is in the list.
 - In High Level Set 2, there is no 20th item, but there is a probability there. Therefore, even if you successfully get the itemset, you can still get... nothing.
 - Before anyone asks, none of the items are +'d.

3. NPC Equips drop at a rate of 100%. Each rock has a massive range of crap you can get.

4. A fishing Title book always drops. Just one though.
 - Expert - 73.53%, King - 22.06%, Master - 3.68%, Lord - 0.74%

5. Random Stuff is a compilation of... random stuff.
 - Note that SC Cloak Coupon cannot be obtained, with the same reasoning Ninja Knife in Low Level Set 2.

6. Special Equip 2 is just additional blue items, based on where you are.
 - Valkyrie Set 1 is named as such because there are other itemsets that contain the other Valkyrie Weapons. However, there is no known way of obtaining these itemsets yet.
 - Red Flame Armors/Accessories consists of everything for every class, and as such is not listed out. Good luck getting something you can use.
 - Darkness Accessories consists of only the accessories for all classes.

7. Special Equip 3 is even more blue items, based on where you are.
 - TAID Beginner/Advanced Vintor Armors does not include the Plate or Clip.


Pet Eggs - A listing of every pet and its associated bonuses, regardless of availability (Rat pet is not available, nor does anyone expect it to be). Pet buff stacking rules and experience tables can be found in Overview - Charts & Labels.

1. Overview
A. Pet Stacking
 - Note that listed groups are of pets that don't stack together. This means that if a pet is not in that particular group, it can stack with those pets.
 --- Parrot and Pelican can stack together.
 --- Trance Mecha actually does stack with the others, but only if it used last.
 --- While Brownie gives TDD/TMDD, it cannot stack with the P/M Crit Damage % buffs.
 --- Rat is not available on OGP LT.
B. Exp Tables
 - Husky and Skull use the Uncommon exp table.
 - All others except Ugly Egg use the Common table.
 - Ugly Egg has it's own table.
C. Exp Gain
 - Eggs gain exp while you kill monsters. The exp they gain is relative the level difference between you and the monsters you are killing.
 - Generally, the closer your levels, the more exp they gain.
 - You can increase how much exp a pet gains by using Pet Nostrums.
 - It is thought that increasing your own exp gain also increases pet exp gain.
D. Level 25 Enchanting
 - Wisp, Skull, Husky, and Trance Mecha can achieve Level 25 Enchanting.
 - Whether it will actually work is another matter...

2. My egg spawned from a piece of cardboard
A. Getting a Pet
 - Astro Pets are obtained from the Fashion Shop, while Coupon Pets are obtained through Coupons.
 --- Coupons are usually obtained through events and Gambling boxes. Certain Astro Pets have Coupons, but are much rarer.
B. Pet Basics
 - To activate your pet, look in the Pet section of your Inventory.
 --- Double click it, and it will appear beside your character.
 --- To look at its abilites in the Pet Window, hit 'L'.
 --- To put it back into Inventory, click and drag the pet's icon in the Pet Window into the Pet section of your Inventory.
C. Pet Skills
 - To activate a pet skill, click the appropriate skill icon in the Pet Window
 --- Toggle skills should start glowing when activated. To deactivate, click it again.
 - Pet skills require SP from the pet.
 --- Pets gain SP by eating stuff you feed it.
 --- To feed a pet, click and drag something from your Misc. section to the Food box in the Pet Window.
 --- Pets are not able to eat everything.
 --- For whatever reason, SP usually caps at 50-60%.
D. Leveling a Pet
 - To increase a pet's level, its Exp Gauge must be at 100%
 - Once at 100%, buy Level Up capsules from the Pet NPC in Elias.
 - Click the Pet Icon in your Inventory, place the Pet and Capsule into the appropriate boxes, and click Execute.
 - MineBot caps at level 5. All other pets can reach level 20.
E. Enchanting a Pet
 - Pets can be enchanted with the 4 base stats by enchanting them with the special gems bought at the NPC in Elias.
 - There are also Max Physical/Magic Damage % and Reassign ems, obtainable through the Fashion Shop.
 - Pets can have a total of 5 enchants.

3. Other Stuff
A. Rudolph is a special event Pet that's only given out around Christmas.
B. Rat is not available on OGP LT.
 - Emoticon 62 only gives 1 effect. You are guaranteed to get at least the 1st effect, but there is a chance to overwrite that effect with the following effects. The same applies to Rat Skill 2.


Titles - Those things with lame names like Half and Half or Low Level Rabbit. These are in the same font size as your name, don't confuse this with those huge gaudy letters farther above everybody elses names.

 - If a title is not yellowish-white, they are represented in their RGB color scheme.
 - Student of Tonio is the only title that is actually black. Not a joke.
 - Titles are roughly sorted in the following order:
 --- Quest Reward
 --- Title Books that drop from monsters
 --- Guild Union
 --- Rabbit series, I'm a .... series, Fishing series
 --- Ignate Title Coupon series

Upgrade Rates - Upgrade rates for a few commonly asked items. If it's not in here, it's probably durability based or 100%.

- Why yes, I do see that 552% success rate for a level 97 item. That's what's in the files.

 - Downlevel costs are calculated using the item's Game Price.
 - The Game Price can be determined from the game files...
 - Or by looking at the Resell price when you sell stuff to the NPC.
 - Resell prices are always 1/5th of the Game Price...
 - Therefore, to get Game Price, multiply the Resell Price by 5.
 --- Lowering an item's Required Level by 1 costs Game Price * 0.5
 --- 2 levels costs Game Price * 1.2
 --- 3 levels costs Game Price * 2.0
 - Example: Hero King Cloak +3 can be sold to an NPC for 100,000 Ely. This is it's Resell Price.
 - To get Game Price, multiply the Resell Price by 5. This gives us 100,000 * 5 = 500,000.
 - To downlevel it by 2 levels, multiply it by 1.2. This gives us 500,000 * 1.2 = 600,000.

2b. Equipment


Accessories - A listing of most accessories in the game. Coliseum and Darkness stuff can be found in Armor Sets (Non-Fashion).

Armor Sets (Non-Fashion) - All non-NPC, non-fashion armor sets and their bonuses. That would be Ruby/Sapphire, elementals, Class, Coliseum, Epic, TAID, Red Flame, and Darkness sets.

Armor Sets (Fashion) - All the functional fashion sets. In the center green column is the set name. To the left is what the set is composed of (TBC is anything that takes up Top, Bottom, and Cloak simultaneously) and their stats. To the right is the partial bonuses and full set bonuses.

Astro Rings - A listing of all Astro Rings, seemingly exclusive to OGP. The Permanent Rings are posted in a separate sheet in case OGP screws up.

Engineer Weapons - All weapons for the Engineer line. That's Tool Box, MG, and Guardian Ball.

Explorer Weapons - All weapons for both Explorer lines. That's Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Shield, Dual Pistols, Rogue Knife, and Gun Blade.

Gems - Every currently available Gem that goes into your Jewel Box. Everything should be color coded and labeled as to where they go.

Knight Weapons - All weapons for both Knight lines. That's Knuckles, Club, One-Handed Sword, Gauntlet, Psychic Hands, and Psychic Boots.

Soul Breaker Weapons - All weapons for the Soul Breaker line. That would be... Souls.

Warrior Weapons - All weapons for both Warrior lines. That's Two-Handed Sword, Spear, Dual Blades, Spiral Sword, and Psionic Blades.

Wizard Weapons - All listed weapons for the Wizard class line: Elemental Stones, Staff, Orb, Guitar, Dagger, Shield, Music Rod, and Battle Staff. Note that listed weapons are not necessarily available. Includes info on Elemental Stones from Season 2.

2c. Quests



Unlike Pie's quest guide, this is sorted by monster area first, then by level. I find this more useful, as some monster areas have quests coming from more than one city/town. Significantly more compact and possibly much more convoluted, be prepared to see lots of colors. You might also note that internal level requirements differ from listed ingame requirements. I did not include listed ingame requirement levels, because it's a moot point as long as it's available to you.

Quest pre-requisites, monster locations, NPC locations, relevant droprates, and rewards are included.

I'm currently re-organizing lower level quests, because the everything is convoluted it's almost like this game was programmed by a bunch of highschoolers. At least later quests are better structured... at the cost of being monotonous.

Food quests are found in the Crafting spreadsheet (see above).

3rd Class Quests - Elemental Master - My journey through the 3rd class quests as a pure Fire Sorcerer working towards Elemental Master. Includes notes and observations about certain quests. This may or may not be rendered totally obsolete when Season 2 arrives.

Asgard - Hanger (140), Solar Farm (145), D-Labo (150), related Longest Tree (145), and related Hell quests (155-165). Also includes the 2 quests initiated by specific items dropped by Asgard monsters. My apologies for the color bombardment. This is one of those way out of the way areas where I wish I had a Warp Crystal.

Daily, Random - All levels. All Daily and Random Quests. Experience gain, reward items, and chances of getting a particular Random quest also included. If you've dug through the files yourself, you'll see that I left out the stupid puzzle ones, trolololol.

Forgotten Fields - Forgotten Fields (180-186), Forgotten Garden (180) Also includes the stupid low level quests. Or maybe I just looked at it wrong. Or something.

Item Based - All levels. NPC Items, SS Scroll, Guild, and Guild Egg quests. As of this particular second it does not include what drops NPC Items or SS Scrolls.

No Name World - Fairy Forest (45-53), Cloud Villa (108-112, 169), and Bakery Street (158-168) quests. This is pretty incomplete, because I haven't found the follow up quests fo Siam Vespucci. Which is why I don't know what to name this thing. Feh.

El Anoir - El Anoir Field South (106-125) and West (136-140), Subclass (140), Field East (142-146), Mountains (155-163), Field North (177-185), and Sky Command Crash Site (185-191) quests. TAID quests (Beginner Invoke TAID quests are in Elias Palace) will be added later.

Silver Ivy Mansion - Star Powder Plains (165  - 170), and Cradle of the Stars (171-180)

Scrap Valley - Scrap Valley Entrance (11-15), Scrap Valley Exit & Factory (138 - 153). One of those random out of the way places. You get to Scrap Valley by taking the airplane in Elias Airport to Big Apple. Keep going past Monster Tower and you'll end up in Scrap Valley Entrance. Keep going to the City of Iron.

Velfa Library - General Book Room (170-178), Magic Book Room (170).

Webfoot Octopus Temple- Webfoot Octopus Shrine quests. Great for free NPC Potions. Masked Octopus, Sunny, and Pirate Cats inhabit the top route. Conch Shell Octopus, Ganster Cat, and Octopus of Freedom occupy the lower route. I mention this because the 30-repeat quests are easily completed, so your best bet it cruise through those on your way to doing slightly more complicated quests.

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3. Other People's Stuff


This is a compilation of stuff I would bookmark, except my bookmarks list is too damn long already. Most of this is stuff that I think is actually worthwhile to look at. Consequently, there's some pretty heavy bias as to what's in this section (primarily based on how much "effort" was put into it, or its "usefulness").

3a. ggFTW


ggFTW La Tale Wiki - A not quite complete or updated Wiki. Does contain some stuff on subclass skills.

Pie's Quest Guide, Level Sorted Version - The go-to guide for quests. A bit tl;dr at times, but that's just me.

Esper's Crafting Resource Guide - Includes item stats, but no skill levels. Also missing a few things, but it's not like anybody crafts that much anymore.

Pie's Dark Moon Castle Maze Guide - by BoredomKillz
One way of getting to through the Dark Moon Castle Maze to the Dark Moon Princess Instance.

3b. OGP Forums


How to not Corner Glitch [(Windows 7 / Multi-Core) - by spectrumality
Apparently La Tale doesn't like multicore processors, which causes the infamous corner glitch. This is a way to fix that.

~SOLUTIONS for xTrap/other things - by shinymonkeys
How to fix OGP's for them, because they're kind of slow

How to use Party Search - by teneba
Press ] to bring it up.

korea latale vanaheimr update - by yhnuj5231
Episode 12, wat

KLT 12/14/11 update info - by oyer
A gigantic mishmash of stuff related to the Season 2 update. Mostly contains people wanting to see the pretty skills, but there's some actual info in there as well.

Simple Question; Simple Answer - by MisterGlass
Dump a question in there, get an answer spit back out at you. The first few pages are crap, but after that it's an informative Q & A thread.

Post here to discuss new updates - by HelloKitties
This should be your first stop to see what's happened in any update. You might want to go to the last page though, you probably don't care about older updates.

Lets Start A Crafting Alliance! - by TheLinkedOne
A listing of Crafters who offer their services for free, as long as you provide the materials. Note that some Crafters listed may not even play the game anymore. Or actually look at their mail.

Finished Level / PvP Guides - by a whole bunch of random people
OGP occasionally holds contests, and occasionally they'll produce something that actually looks decent. Note that level 160-170 is missing.


Enchanting guide - by Rikea
Enchanting in general, for newbs who haven't figured it out yet.

How To Hax Your Gear - by Tanukiyasha
Enchanting for those who want overpowered gear. However, this can be mostly be summed up in two words: Dumb luck.

The Ugly egg guide - by killercore007
This is a guide on how to raise a Pet Egg. It applies to all pets, but required levelup experience and pet skills will vary. This just shows you what you can do with the Egg itself.

Sephs Guide to Pets - by Savior Sephiroth
Pictorial view of pet buff stacking. Doesn't include Husky, though.

Doala - How to Use the Fashion Simulator - by MrApo
How to use Doala. Note that Doala requires that your LT client to be closed in order to work.

Tips to Earn Ely for New Incoming Players *update* - by hackthehonor
How to make Ely as a newb (like, I just started playing this game kind of newb).

Skill Building - Skill Sim, Basic Builds, and More - by MrApo
Tutorial on how to use the Korean (?) skill simulator, 'cause everyone's too lazy to make an English one.

Halibel's droplist guide(astro pop-it events,etc) - by Rikkuu
A droplist of most gambling type events and items. Note that some gambling items may not be available anymore.

Guide to the Gem System - by Rhavik
The Gem System, introduced when subclasses came out. Unfortunately, it's still largely incomplete ingame, so it almost amounts to 1. Get Gem 2. Put in box. 3. Profit.

The Complete Cookbook: Food Guide - by Songhee
Pictorial view of food crafting. Doesn't include stacking rules, skill levels, or food quests.

*Auction House Tutorial* - by MrsSuyuri
A video tutorial on how to use the Auction House. It looks different 'cause it's using the old GUI.

Guide to auction house - by mysteriono
A screenshot tutorial on how to use the Auction House. Old GUI again.

Grinding Etiquette - by MrApo
This should be something every MMO player needs to know. Then again, if you hide in an obscure channel, it's not like you're going to be noticed hogging the whole map for yourself anyways.

Various Guides. - by nintendeon
*Old* An extremely outdated list of links to various other old resources and guides.


Tips For Runing T.A.I.D. Hero King - by Tanukiyasha
Shrooms, GO!

TAID Guide: Vintor - by BronzeMech
How to do the Vintor instance, TAID style. Not entirely sure if there's a difference between beginner and advanced.

A Complete and Thorough Vintor Map! (no monsters) - by shinymonkeys
How to complete the Vintor instance the hard way (no shortcuts).

Utau's Little Little 8 chapter Crystal Mine Guide - by UtauHoshino
Mining in Crystal Mine. If you can stand net/textspeak, you can get something out of this.

Mining Map for the Crystal Mine - by Karix
Self Explanatory. Contains drop rates as well.


Season 2 skill stats -potassium enriched!- - by Rhavik
Listing of cooldowns for the Season 2 update.

Macci's super fun class-choosing guide! - by littlegirlpup
*Old* Don't know what class to play? This is quick overview of each class' pros and cons. Doesn't include 3rd job or subclasses, but those are just extensions of the base class

Wizard's PvPing Guide - by LilPhenyl
PvPing as a Wizard, as percieved by LilPhenyl.

Cirno's Perfect Magic Class - by LilPhenyl
A quick rundown of Wizard builds.

The Blazingly Hot Fire Sorcerer Guide - by BronzeMech
*Old* A guide on why setting things on fire as a Sorc is awesome.

Information: Elemental Master Skill Damage - by Mac2492
Listing of skill damages for all elements of all skills of Elemental Master.

The unoficial Phantom Mage thread - by Auhora
The longest, most concentrated discussion of a subclass (Phantom Mage) you'll ever find on the OGP forums. And it's all because of the pretty wings. And huge-ass scythes. And whips.

Guide on choosing element stone - by ItsMeowAnywhere
A thought process on which Element Stone is better.

Blader(Strider) vs. Warlord(Dragoon) UPDATED! - by Revenant_Ash
*Old* Comparison between Strider and Dragoon.

MrInternational's Blader Guide - by AceBoogie117
*Old* A different view on Bladers. Doesn't include 3rd or Subs

Technical Manual: Rogue Masters - by BronzeMech
Skill damages for the Rogue Master.

~The Completed Knuckle Knight Guide~ - by Diglett
*Old* Knuckles + Knight = orly?

Terror Knight 101 - by The (not so) Complete Guide - by MrApo
A cleanly organized in-depth look at Terror Knight skills.
Tanukiyasha's Highlander Build - Should be self explanatory.

The way Saitei did it Gunslinger/Duelist Guide - by SaiteiForum
How to be more like Saitei. At least in skill build.

Bladeslinger/Judgement Guide for Beginners. - by TheLinkedOne
What you should do when you first become a J. No, not Jenova. Bladeslinger.

3c. Other


Karix's Blog - Not sure where this guy went. But there's a pretty picture of Crystal Mine and all the relevant droprates.

BerryCute's Blog - It's a pink blog. What.

Horiechan's Blog - A blog detailing Korean updates as they occur, translated in English.

Yuki's blog - Player blog detailing his adventures in kLT

Japan La Tale Wiki - The jLT Wiki. Note that we follow Korea La Tale, so stuff in this Wiki doesn't necessarily apply to OGP. Original

OGP Monster Wiki - OGP's attempt at having an official wiki. Contains all card dropping monsters, their hps, card stats, and the flavor text for each card. Has about half the monster sprites.

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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 10:51am Quote ultimapi Reply


Criticisms and suggestions, sarcastic, constructive, or otherwise, are appreciated~

As a rehash of this thread, I'd like to collect all the bugs and other whining for future reference.

Additional content suggestions are also welcome. The only limit is that it must be within client side files (the stuff you get during every update). Stuff like "how to calculate final damage" is not in there.

In no particular order, relevance, and whatnot, since my memory is garbage, thanks to:

Aubree - For a whole bunch of stuff I can't remember, but mostly CGG.

Alys - For proving that there's someone lazier than me. And some Phantom Mage and other stuff.

FrauleinRose - For the spastic times in StarOcean. By extension, thank you to everyone else in that guild.

Rikea - For some Elemental Master stuff.

Dempsey - For proving that laziness triumphs over using your brain.

Ryuch - For being way better than me at remaining objective most of the time, and not letting out the inner Bidoof too much. Also for the inspiration for my disclaimer.

[MisterGlass] - For putting up with my noobsauce in the SQ:SA thread.

Paulwy - For help with TH/RW. And for being a pail.

TabiLove - For not killing me that one time. My bad, I didn't know X_X;

Elysta (John) - For putting up with my early morning bullsht.

DarkestNightmare (Chris) - For those stupidly early morning party holds. And the interesting Skype convos.

Koun - For the random helping back when I was a noob. What a terrible person.

Roy - For interesting insight into LTPvP.

NoVa21 - For actually showing interest in learning. Like, holy sht, not everyone needs a hand holding, thank god.

[PengPenguin] - For swinging this thread like a sledgehammer at people who don't drop by the Guide section. Also for the additional section to the Disclaimer.

BelleGlacier - For slightly more subtle thread promotion.

Kairen - For being an awesome, loving cat.

Rob - Big Roobs, stupidly early partyholds, and the CGG banner

TuffGai - For having more intelligence than a rock, and for actually showing appreciation in-game

Jen's Wishlist of Stuff She could buy but is too LAZY to do so


Character Slot Card -> Soul Breaker

Guild Coins -> Guild Ring +4 (Stamina), Guild Orb +?
St. Gabriel's Set Coupon -> Obnoxiously huge wings
Sweet Angel Pet -> Lol More Stamina
Naiad Pet -> Lol Maestro, really
Masterhand Title Book, though I'd prefer Ignate's -> Swift Craftsman
Penguin Pet
Sirop Coupon
Pet Inventory Bag -> I knew I should've bought more...
Equip Inventory Bags x10? -> These too, goddammit...

Redo Coli Guitar (Stamina)
Farm Shirena Urns with RW
Find Level 40 Acc Crafter for Water Pandora Stone (Stamina), Wind Ballong Gem (Min/Max Wind)

1st Slot Gems:
Superior Lei-Lei's Ruby -> Max HP, Stamina
Superior Lei-Lei's Topaz (Luck +100) -> Max HP, Stamina/Luck
Superior Lei-Lei's Sapphire -> Recovery Crit Rate, Stamina

2nd Slot Gems:
Shining Red Gem 7+ (Movement Speed) -> Max HP, Stamina
Theseus Red Gem (Level 10 Enchant)-> Max HP, Stamina
Theseus Yellow Gem (Stamina +70) -> Max HP, Stamina/Luck
Theseus Blue Gem (Max HP +300)-> Recovery Crit Rate, Stamina

3rd Slot Gems:
Shining Red Gem 7+ -> Max HP, Stamina
Shining Yellow Gem 7+ (Max HP) -> Max HP, Stamina/Luck
Shining Blue Gem 7+ -> Recovery Crit Rate, Stamina

4th Slot Gems:
Red Flame Red Gem (Max HP +100)
Red Flame Yellow Gem (Max HP +400)
Red Flame Blue Gem (Max HP +100)
Shining Red Gem 7+ -> Max HP, Stamina %
Shining Yellow Gem 7+ -> Max HP, Stamina %/Luck %
Shining Blue Gem 7+ -> Stamina %

Master Slot Gem:
Theseus Rainbow Gem (Set Bonus Phys & Mag Crit Rate +5%) -> Magic Crit Damage %, Max Magic Damage %

Tradeoff: ~1000 HP from Stamina on Yellows for ~500 Luck?
Max HP, Max Magic Damage % -> Claw of Silver
Luck, Recovery Crit Rate %, Magic Crit Damage % -> Velfa, Standard Pattern
Luck % -> Velfa x2
Stamina, Stamina % -> Infinite Corridor, Standard Pattern
Max HP, Stamina -> Watcher of the Storm, Standard Pattern
Stamina % -> Watcher of the Storm x2

Ruin Walker:
Masterhand Title Book, though I'd prefer Ignate's -> Swift Craftsman
Maid Domesti Pet
Penguin Pet
Gaia Set Coupon
White Tiger Coupon
Rainbow Ring
Pet Inventory Bag

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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 11:21am Quote shinymonkeys Reply
it doesn't look that wall of texty because spaces

ps. guess what ussu pointed out:

(yours is still cooler because % rates + specific maps)
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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 11:22am Quote shinymonkeys Reply
I also looked at the other parts of that wiki

tres cool. I never actually expected them to fill it with gud pro stuff because it just came out on the website

dem GM be working hard yo
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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 11:50am Quote ultimapi Reply
Added Scrap Valley, Monster Droplist (Quest Items), and Korean Item Index.

Still sorting.

There, should be a bit less walloftexty.

GAs can't even keep a consistent thread title method SLDKFJS:LKDJf

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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 7:35pm Quote AceBoogie117 Reply
You seem like someone i'd like to befriend, this is a very organized all you need to know kind of guide, or a La Tale for peoples kind of guide. Im honored you listed my guide. im still deciding on whether i'm going to redo the whole guide, or take some sections out and redo them, i don't feel i should make a strider guide, as i was a strider at 193+ and its basically the same as blader just upgraded. i do however plan on making a sword dancer guide. any advice you have for that would be appreciated.
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Posted: Feb 08 2012 at 7:54pm Quote MrApo Reply
Man I completely forgot about that grinding etiquette thread. I wrote it in a semi-rage after having to deal with ks'ers in hanger 5 all day while I was grinding at fenrirs. Anyways, I like this. I've been pushing to have the guide section seriously renovated and this kind of organizes a lot of what I was requesting be moved around.
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Posted: Feb 09 2012 at 10:07am Quote ultimapi Reply
Updated for current events. Will verify actual "content" updates later.

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Posted: Feb 09 2012 at 10:42am Quote AubreeSays Reply
A+ on your organized guide.

Edited by AubreeSays - Feb 25 2012 at 7:41pm
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Posted: Feb 09 2012 at 11:05am Quote ultimapi Reply
No. This is a self-serving thread, and I'll insult and troll as I please. Even if I decide to just throw the topic link at people, or even if I just pull out relevant quote bits and pretend to be helpful, IT'S MY THREAD AND I'LL SCREW WITH IT HOWEVER I WANT.

Added Heart Box droplist, with droprates on the left, JUST TO BE DIFFERENT (and to make sure everybody else came up with the same thing).

Also added current La Deck prizes, 'cause I think someone said they wanted it. It's in Lists and Tables somewhere.

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Posted: Feb 09 2012 at 11:54am Quote tittsmcgee Reply
1. Add in that Goblin Engineer Seals should be added into weak accessory coupons. Of course, OGP will overlook this since Im one of the two engistars/starseekers on this server.
2. Perfect Examples of disregard of one player's suggestion(s): Saitei's constant plead to fix drop rates of phoenix tails. Also the unnesscary ban on his main account.
Anyways, these are my thoughts unless they prove me wrong otherwise.

Edited by tittsmcgee - Feb 09 2012 at 11:57am
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Posted: Feb 09 2012 at 11:59am Quote HelloKitties Reply
Goblin Engineer seals were HD'd. It's just a matter of waiting now.

Phoenix Tails did get back in, but they borked again. Many of my own suggestions have made it into the game too, so that's not the case.

Also, nice guide.

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Posted: Feb 09 2012 at 1:40pm Quote DreadedFerret Reply
Ooooh - this looks like it could be the one-stop-shop for guides

So maybe worth adding a linky to KariChan's Crystal Mine map - a useful thread for the drilling crowd, but one that is already too deeply buried in the GD archives...
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Posted: Feb 11 2012 at 11:02pm Quote iCreation Reply
Hey, this is all really cool, but the link to your google docs folder doesn't work. I think you may have to make it public, or sumthin. 
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Posted: Feb 11 2012 at 11:26pm Quote ChipsAndSoda Reply
dis is coo
Hi, l'm Clumsy & l like to eat JunkFood and drink Caffeine. Kay<3.

Friendship is affordable!
Click me for help!
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Posted: Feb 11 2012 at 11:48pm Quote shinymonkeys Reply
it works for me

maybe you need to be logged on?
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Posted: Feb 12 2012 at 9:12am Quote iCreation Reply
I did log in to my account and then try, but it didnt work D:
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Posted: Feb 12 2012 at 10:23am Quote ultimapi Reply
Try it now.

Added Titles to Lists and Tables.

Added Contest Winners link to Updates.

Modified 4th post:

Additional content suggestions are also welcome. The only limit is that it must be within client side files (the stuff you get during every update). Stuff like "how to calculate final damage" is not in there.

Currently working on:
Lower level quests
Tonio Reoptioning Ranges
Wizard/Sorc/Elemental Master/Phantom Mage skill tree and skill explanations

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Posted: Feb 12 2012 at 12:11pm Quote MrApo Reply
If you want to pick up an old project of mine I probably won't finish by the turn of the century, there's the extreme collection of basically everything in GAMBLE.LDT guide I wanted to write as a research material but will obviously never have the time/patience to work on.
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Posted: Feb 13 2012 at 8:53am Quote AubreeSays Reply
Nice enchanting table!
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Posted: Feb 13 2012 at 9:41am Quote ultimapi Reply
Originally posted by MrApo

If you want to pick up an old project of mine I probably won't finish by the turn of the century, there's the extreme collection of basically everything in GAMBLE.LDT guide I wanted to write as a research material but will obviously never have the time/patience to work on.

The only hard part about this is separating everything. Would you happen know to remember what the freebie events were? The only one was I around for was the Green Seed one (where I got a Tengu, woot).

It also might be worthwhile to note that (I think) everything in that list is... still in the files.

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Posted: Feb 13 2012 at 11:47am Quote MrApo Reply
Yep they're there. I went through every single item in gamble.ldt making that list of astro boxes. It's missing the ones post-golden acorn but should otherwise be complete, unless an ancient event somehow slipped by me.

You might need another consultant or two for a freebie list. Offhand I can only remember:
Green Seed
GM Gift Package
Completed Preios Map
You've Done Well Gift Box
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Posted: Feb 13 2012 at 2:21pm Quote ultimapi Reply
I need Categories for the following:

Event Forbidden Key
Viangka's Cute Box
General Gift Box
School Bag
Chess Board
[Event] Fortune Cookie
Ignate's Capsule
Water Balloon
La! Season Box
Gift Box
Shoe Box
Gift Box of "You've done well!"
GM Gift Package
Prime LaDeck Capsule
Simmering declicious webfoot octopus cuisine
Green Seed
Gold Needle
Holy Water Box
Fancy Box
Acorn Cracker
Recovered Prieos Map
Special Attack Remedy
Pet Coupon Box
Afterimage Mirror Box

Specifically, I'm looking for WHEN these were released, like a holiday (Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.) or OGP LT Anniversary, or Content Update (like Subclasses or Webfoot). Or just make up a category.

Obviously, some of those can be put into a "Recurring Boxes" category, but I'm too lazy.

You might also note that some of those were probably never released for OGP consumption. Feh.

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