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Message Icon Topic: The end is nigh
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Topic: The end is nigh
Posted: Yesterday at 6:54pm
Quote itzHater Reply

The content is the following :

Greetings Citizens of Prandel,

Many of you have been wondering about our chapter with Red Stone. We regret to inform you that our chapter with OGPlanet has come to an end. Some of you may be confused or enraged with these recent turn of events. However, we will do our best to explain the situation to everyone.

Red Stone has been hosted by OGPlanet for quite some time, evidently Red Stone’s developers have not been as supportive as we all would’ve wanted. You may have noticed the decline of GMs, reduced events, and lack of updates since early 2013. The rapid decline has made this a very difficult decision for us. We value every Citizen within Prandel, and we did our best to try to continue servicing this game so many of you can continue your adventures.

The developers of Red Stone (Logic Korea) may choose to continue the service of Red Stone on their own without a publisher. Should they proceed with this plan, OGPlanet will do their best to help Citizens for transitioning from our servers to theirs.

OGPlanet will cease service of Red Stone on November 14th, 2014

We wish every one of our proud Citizens a safe journey in the future, perhaps we may meet again in another chapter at OGPlanet.

With Best Regards,


I'll miss you all guys; it was fun while it lasted - Westlife

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Posted: Yesterday at 7:16pm Quote Voltar1 Reply
Ditto, will miss you all as well..

sad event to be true....if managed correctly it could have been thier biggest success here at ogp
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Posted: Today at 1:01am Quote klien85 Reply
Thanks for the notice Wes, more then a few of us don't even bother with the launcher anymore and never would have seen this.  One would think OG would post it on forums..

Maybe Og will change their ways for there other games and hopefully become more transparent.  People have noticed "things" for 2 years but there was never word one from OG announcing trouble in paradise.   No one likes a company that hides things, it paints distrust.

Cya's on server #3 if that ever comes to pass.. hopefully with the database being dropped.

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Posted: Today at 6:17am Quote teawithtoast Reply
Sail here Klien, if server #3 does come out I'll come back
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Posted: Today at 10:43am Quote wayneyboii1 Reply
If this game gets picked up by another host I also would return so fingers crossed wont be to long
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Posted: Today at 3:22pm Quote FerociousPets Reply
They are saying that the developers are bad. So regardless of host, updates will be bad.
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