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Topic: Accessory Crafting Guide Contest
Posted: Jun 25 2009 at 3:50pm
Event Period - 6/25 ~ 7/8

How to Participate - Post an Accessory Crafting guide to help out new players.  The guide should contain information about the best items to make to level, price info, best place to get materials ect.  The more detailed your guide, the higher chance of winning!  Posts must also be posted in this thread to participate.
Participation Prize - 3 Peach Cans
Grand Prize - Astro Fashion of your choice
Date of Prize Awarded - 7/13 ~ 7/14
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Posted: Jun 26 2009 at 12:42am
; You must be at least Lv10 to get this Crafting skill.
; Receive Accessory Crafting skill from Keber in Belos Weapon Shop.
; Buy crafting capsules from Rohan in Belos.
If you're trying to level up your crafting and planning to NPC the items, keep crafting Elemental Stones. You gain more Ely from selling them compared to the jewelry.

Novice Accessory Making:
Where to mine: Forest Mine Lv.1 and Lv.3

Skilled Accessory Making:
Where to mine: Forest Mine Lv.3 and Lv.5*
* If your level is high enough [Lv50+] to go in Forest Mine Lv.5, kill the mine bats; way faster than picking your axe though the rocks.

* At Crafting Lv10, pick Option Rate Increase.
You'll get more stats on the items you craft; People will buy them~

Expert Accessory Making:
Where to mine: Forest Mine Lv.5, Lv.6, Lv.7 ; Avoid or kill the monsters.

That's all i've gone up to so far~

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Posted: Jun 26 2009 at 8:16pm
:%7dAccessory Guide:%7d
This is a guide to help you Understanding the accessory craft.
also there wont be a picture for all the things that will be mentioned in this just a very helpful description(maybe)
      Aceessories: Where they go
they are placed in the following boxes shown below:
  • Glasses*
  • Earrings
  • Rings/Braclets
  • Bindis*
  • And Stockings*

*Glasses, Bindis, and Stockings aren't available for the first 3 'stages' of accessory crafting

Req:Lvl 8 Crafting OR higher
Req:lvl 14 Craft or Higher
At first you will only be able to make nubby items lol
these are ceramic, plastic, and so forth and these items are worth almost nothing to most players
but there is hope you will be able to make beter items that sell for more
With 4 tabs to choose from you will be able to make Ely fast
Special item
items of rare value
a magicians weapon essential to using elemental attacks
not just fashionable but also give a buff that vary between lvls
same as the earrings these give a different buff depending on the lvl
*these cannot be upgraded.
The tab you should start crafting your first items may be earrings and rings for the first 1~4 lvls then move on to stones as they have a HIGH resell value. Stones are the most expensive items to be sold buy the weapon shop NPC's.
Special items can sell for ALOT of ely BUT you have to obtain certain items before you can craft these rare times.
one example would be the BAT HEART
Selling Price*:400k ely+
this is what shows up when you scroll over the item except the price that oyu should sell it at that wont show up but would be useful
BUT to make it you will need
a soul urn
the accessory Capsule
 a weak resistance oil
and a Mineralx3
if you didnt know SOUL URNS are diffcult to come buy, ESPECIALLY, if your low leveled you will have a difficult time trying to collect them.
you can buy soul urns but often at prices you wont like.
*this is the price I was able to sell it at but may be worth more
Heres another Special item:
Krakken Horror Sucker(stocking item)
Materials needed:
Krakken Kit
An Accessory Capsule
selling price:check the CH1
Only 3 items right easy to get right....WRONG in order to make a kit OR jelly(for different special items) you will need 2 of the same monster soul urns and there is always a chance that the crafter you paid will fail WHICH S***KS dont know if I can suck on the forums but yes be careful when crafting these items as they CAN STILL FAIL so be careful when crafting them and dont get dissapointed to badly when you fail it does happen.
hopefully this guide helped you understand alittle more about the accessroies and crafting them unfortunately I could not put type down the locations of where to find the urns which special item is easiest to craft bat heart *cough cough* and what price would seem reasonable to sell these items at or the price that they have been sold also i couldn't write down which of the special items you should not waste your time on but that will all be on another guide...maybe thank you for reading
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Posted: Jun 28 2009 at 12:11pm
Accessories. The post for fast information.

Intro: This post is for those who craft for Money. Whether NPCing stones or Merchanting equips, this is the post to read.

Rings, Earrings, Elemental Stones

Making Elemental Stones are one of the BEST and QUICKEST ways to make money in LaTale. They NPC for the highest prices and cost as much to make as any other equipment. Striking a "godly" or good statted stone will generate even more money if sold to a Wizard.

For Rings and Earrings, options start to get noticeable at level 70+, therefore until then, options are not very effective and the rings and earrings will not sell well because of the low enchant levels.

For Options, focus on at least 1 or 2 stats at Level 8 or higher.

Luck and Strength always sell well because Luck gives Critical to all Jobs and Strength gives damage to 75% of Jobs (All excluding Wizards).

Luck in combination with Magic will sell, but only to a specific group (Wizards: Bards and Sorcerers, or those who want more MP but there aren't many in this category.).

Ely Effects appeal only to a specific group of people who play for money and do not care as much for damage. They have the potential to sell. For example, a Treasure Hunter with the Gold Rush build.

Noticeable Rings and Earrings:

Green Scale Earrings Dragon (lv60)
Phy. & Magic Max Damage +2%

Green Scale Ring(lv60)
Phy. & Magic Min Damage +2%

Crystal Earrings(Lv 70)
Luck +8

Silver Earring(Lv 80)
Strength +10

Silver Ring(Lv 80)
Magic +12

Gold Earring (Lv 90)
+4% Magic & Phy. Hit Rate

Adamantium Ring (Lv 100)
+4% Phy. Evasion

Orihalcon Earring (Lv 120)
15 Movement Speed

Orihalcon Ring (Lv 120)
+6% Defense

Lv 130 Earring
+4% Phy. & Magic Max Damage

Lv 130 Ring
+4% Min Magic & Phy. Damage

Rings, Earrings, and Elemental Stones can be enchanted, therefore DURABILITY IS IMPORTANT

Stockings, Bindis, Glasses

It is not recommended that you make Bindis because of the Valhalla Bindis that drop that add 30 to each stat. There is a extremely low chance that you will create a Bindi that is better than a Valhalla Bindi.

Therefore, if you plan to make Stockings and Glasses:
Focus on creating a Level 9 or 10 Physical and/or Magic Evasion for Stockings (Any level)

Focus on creating a Level 9 or 10 Physical and/or Magic Accuracy for Glasses (Any level, Green Glasses (Lv 130) have a base accuracy of 3% Magic/Physical)

You cannot enchant either of these equips, therefore Durability is not important here.

Base Effects of Stockings:
lv110: Max SP +100
lv120: Max HP +130
lv130: Defense +150

Base Effects of Glasses:
lv110: +110 wind resistance, Earth +11
lv120: +120 earth resistance, Fire +12
lv130: Phy. & Magic Hit Rate +3%

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Posted: Jun 28 2009 at 1:51pm
at lvl 10: go to Keber in Belos' weapon shop(left side)
and choose accesory skill
accesory can make rings, earrings, and elemental stones
novice: lvl1 ~39
at the forest mine: mine from lv1 to lv3
skilled: lvl40~70
at the forest mine: mine from lv3 to lv5
expert: lvl71~100
at the forest mine: mine from lv5 to lv7
ps: monsters are in the mine too, be careful with them
special items can be made from kits with capsules
capsules can be obtained from Rohan/Belos(or other capsule ppl from other cities)
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Posted: Jun 29 2009 at 11:16am
Originally posted by Iceforest

at lvl 10: go to Keber in Belos' weapon shop(left side)
and choose accesory skill
accesory can make rings, earrings, and elemental stones
novice: lvl1 ~39
at the forest mine: mine from lv1 to lv3
skilled: lvl40~70
at the forest mine: mine from lv3 to lv5
expert: lvl71~100
at the forest mine: mine from lv5 to lv7
ps: monsters are in the mine too, be careful with them
special items can be made from kits with capsules
capsules can be obtained from Rohan/Belos(or other capsule ppl from other cities)

sounds like the first one LOL
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Posted: Jun 30 2009 at 5:25pm
first of all
You need to be b at least Lv10 to get this Crafting skill.
Receive Accessory Crafting skill from Keber in Belos Weapon Shop.

Buy crafting capsules from Rohan in Belos. Here u can fin any capsule for any craft but now we want accesory :D

To lvl up this craft u can make Elemental Stone, Earrings and Rings but the better way is making Elemental Stone cause u can sell them to NPC and u get elly for more capsules so its better

Novice Accessory Making Lvl 1 Req. Lvl 10 character
Where to mine: Forest Mine Lv.1 - Lv.3
Minerals to get:
Normal Mineral

Skilled Accessory Making Lvl 2 Req. lvl 40 character
Where to mine: Forest Mine Lv.3 - Lv.5
Minerals to get:
NOTE: if your lvl is higher than 50 u can just kill mine bats at forest mine 5,
           it will be more faster than be mining like slave and bats hitting you
           =s we dont want that ;)
           Now so if u really are lvl 50 u can go to Sean at Elias weapon shop
           and choose Option rate increase lvl 1 or Dura increase lvl 1
           but Opt rate its better cause the stuff u make can have better
           enchants and people will buy it ^^!!

Expert Accessory Making Lvl 3 Req. lvl 70 character
Where to mine: Forest Mine Lv.5 - Lv.7
Minerals to get:
Moon Stone
Keep crafting until u get lvl 22 craft. if u want to continue you are free to do it
NOTE: if you get lvl 90 u can upgrade your Opt rate or Dura to lvl 2. DO IT xD
at lvl 110 with lvl 22 craft now its time to get your next and better craft lvl
for this go to Ves weapon shop with Bwyma.
                         Bwyma    Image:LT_Bwyma.gif
chose: Camo Acc Making or Decoration Acc Making
Camo Acc Making Lvl 4 Req. lvl 110 character
This let you make:
Elemental Stones
Face decoration ( Bindis )
Decoration Acc Making Lvl 4 Req. lvl 110 character
This let you make:
ok to lvl up this
Where to mine: Forest mine Lv. 7 - Lv. 8; but for now i think you will just
                                                                  be mining at Lv. 7 xD!!
Minerals to get:
ok now u can enjoy ur acc craft
and keep lvling until u get bore xD
but i think yoou wont so cyu
this is all i got :D!!

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Posted: Jul 01 2009 at 2:18pm
First u need to reach Lv10 to get this Crafting skill.
Get Accessory Crafting skill from Keber in Belos Weapon Shop.
You can buy crafting capsules  from Rohan in Belos.

Mine: Forest Mine Lv.1 - Lv.3

Mine: Forest Mine Lv.3 - Lv.5
Mine: Forest Mine Lv.5 - Lv.7
The when you finish with expert go to Ves at wep shop and talk to bwyma
chose: Camo Acc Making or Decoration Acc Making
Camo Acc
you can make:
Elemental Stones
Decoration Acc
You can make:
Mine: Forest mine Lv. 7 - Lv. 8
ok that all cyu
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Posted: Jul 01 2009 at 10:52pm

~Baka's Guide to Accessory (Acc.) Crafting~

*I have attached an edited picture of the Forest Mine to give you an idea of where to mine to get certain ores. (Credit goes to original creator on the picture)  The only good time to kill monsters to get ore drops is in Forest Mine Level 5, where killing bats is a faster means of mining - however I recommend you be a Lvl 70 plus in order to make the most of it.

*I have also left out some stuff that I figured you'd be able to figure out on your own by just reading the in game text. lol

*This guide is for those who wishes to just focus on crafting to make money and not deal with the free market much.tongue

Crafting facts (and things I think you should know about)lol:
*There are currently 4 levels of acc. crafting out, so I will not be guiding you beyond that.  tongue

*You will receive your craft from Keber of Belos' Weapon Shop at level 10.

*The respective required level for your character to be able to access the various crafting levels will be listed next to the crafting level.

*When you start crafting with new materials your chance of success in creating said item starts off at 60%.  With each level you go up you gain an extra 3% success rate and maxing out at 95% success rate.  Keep this in mind because you will need lots and lots of ores - so I recommend obtaining a Mining bot or Mining Lvl 2 instead of using the mining level 1 that you are given from a quest.

*As you mine, you will want to save all your ores that you cannot use yet - (I would recommend having a mule ie. a character that you store stuff with).  The reason is, obviously, that one day (if you level your craft that is) you will be able to use it in your craft.  I saved all the sapphires, emeralds and rubies I had found before I got to lvl 110, and by the time I was able to use them I made over 20 million ely in about an hour from crafting and NPCing the items.  The ones you feel you no longer need you can still make some ely off of by either crafting or selling it in the Free Market.

*3 of each ore will be needed as well as a acc. crafting capsule (sold by Rohan of Belos).  Acc. capsules varies from types so make sure you look at the one you will need when crafting.  I also recommend that when you craft to obtain a stack of ores (i.e. 99 normals, 99 copper, etc...) to best maximize your crafting.

*There is an argument whether Durability or Option Rate is better.  I went with Option Rate because it's not often you will be able to upgrade the equips you do make such as Earrings and Rings.  Also if you happen to craft a stone with great stats you can sell it in the free market or use it for yourself.  The choice is still yours.  You get to learn these at lvl 60 and 100 I believe. 

*When you get to lvl 110 - there is a split in the crafting tree.  Camo and Decoration Acc. Making. If you choose Camo you will be able to continue making Elemental stones, as well as glasses and Face decorations.  If you choose Decorations you can make Rings, Earrings, and Stockings will be added.  If you want to continue making money I'd suggest choosing Camo.  The second level is learned from Bwyma from Ves.

*I recommend ignoring everything but Elemental Stone making because they are the money maker due to the amount that the NPC (non-playable character) will buy them from you as well as the relative ease to obtain the materials to make them.

*I also recommend hot-keying your crafting to one of your buttons if you plan on crafting alot.  This will save time opening up your skills menu and clicking on the craft you have.  I would recommend crafting in Belos because that is where your main supplier of capsules are (Rohan) and a close NPC to sell to - Esther. 

*The following will list the stones by level and what they make and also how much the NPC buys them for as well as the required capsule and it's price.

Acc. Crafting

Level 1 - Required Lvl 10 ;

Normal Minerals
Small Elemental Stone  -  40 ely
Weak Acc. Craft Capsul - 120 ely

Copper Ore
Small Shining Stones    -    960 Ely
(what a jump - wait it gets better lol)
Weak Acc. Craft Capsul - 120 ely

Iron Ore
Bronze Piece E. Stone  - 2,700 Ely
Weak Acc. Craft Capsul - 120 ely

Silver Ore   
Plastic Piece E. Stone - 4,940 Ely
Medium Acc. Craft Capsule - 540 ely


Level 2 - Required  Lvl 40 ;

Ceramic Piece E. Stone  - 7,600 ely
Medium Acc. Craft Capsule - 540 ely

Iron Piece E. Stone  - 10.620 ely
Strong Acc. Crafting Capsule - 2,700 ely

Titanium Piece E. Stone - 13,960 ely
Strong Acc. Crafting Capsule - 2,700 ely


Level 3 - Required Lvl 70 ;

Dragon Scale Fragment  - 17,580 ely
Strong Acc. Crafting Capsule - 2,700 ely

Crystal Piece - 21,480 ely
Strongest Acc. Crafting Capsule - 12,600 ely

Silver Bell - 25,620 ely
Strongest Acc. Crafting Capsule - 12,600 ely

Gold Bell - 30,000 ely
Weak Acc. Super Capsule - 240 ely

Camo Acc.
Level 4 - Required Lvl 110

Adamantite Piece - 34,620 ely
Weak Acc. Super Capsule - 240 ely

Mithril Piece - 39,440 ely
Weak Acc. Super Capsule - 240 ely

Orichalcum Piece - 44,480 ely
Medium Acc. Super Capsule - 1,200 ely

Eldergain Piece - 49,700 ely
Medium Acc. Super Capsule - 1,200 ely

*You can notice after a while that the least profitable ores to use would be Agates and Fluorites due to the high cost of their crafting capsules until you can get to a good success rate for them.

Here is the map of the Forest Mine:
*keep in mind that there will be monsters on almost every level of the Forest mine with the exception of Lvl 1 and Lvl 3.  These monsters also randomly drop ores - however once you start mining you will notice the ones that drop more often from breaking rocks and from monsters.

*whew my longest post E-V-E-R.  OO

Good luck and remember there's plenty of rocks to break!wink

*edited for spelling mistakes - sorry

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Posted: Jul 01 2009 at 11:24pm
iFail's Accessory Guide for Beginners!

 - Your character must be at least level 10
 - Accessory Craft skill (read below)

After reaching level 10, head to Belos' weapon shop and walk near Keber

Keber --->
You will be given a choice of crafting skills. Select "I'm interested in Accessory Making" and then select "I choose Accessory Making crafting Skill."
Congratulations, you are now able to craft accessories!

Understanding the Menu

Before we get started, it's a good idea to become familiar with the crafting menu. Open up the Skill menu, by pressing 'K', and select the Crafting category located near the top. You'll need to select accessory crafting by clicking on the earrings icon, the second icon, located near the bottom of the Crafting menu.

Since you're just starting out, only the first gear is lit up. If you click on that gear, named Novice Acc Making, you'll access your workspace for accessory crafting.

It might look confusing at first, but let's go over each area to clear things up. From the top, you'll see the name of your craft and its level, Novice Acc Making (1), followed by a status bar. Everytime you craft an item, your Crafting Dexterity increases. In short, your status bar acts in the same manner as your experience bar. The more items you craft, the more your status bar increases. Whether or not the craft fails, you will still receive points. Failures result in much lower increases though.

If you look just a bit lower, you'll see something called a Crafting List. For now, you'll only be able to use the Lv. 1 list. As both your level and your craft level increases, you'll gain access to more lists. For now, let's focus on the Lv. 1 list and its items.

Looking down a bit more, you'll see four categories; Special Item, Elemental Stone, Earrings, and Ring. By clicking on one of the categories, you'll open up a drop-down menu with all of the items that are available for the Lv. 1 list.

Towards the bottom of the menu, you'll see five boxes next to each other. The far left box will contain the item you want to make, and the other four boxes are for the materials needed. Go ahead and click on any item from the drop-down menu to see for yourself.

For this example, I choose the Leather Ring under the Ring category. As you can see, the Leather Ring is in the first box while the materials needed are in the four boxes next to it. Under the boxes is the Succ.Rate, or Success Rate, followed by the percentage of success. Every item has its own Success Rate. This rate will increase as your craft levels up. For every level your craft gains, the percentage increases by three. The highest the Success Rate can be, for any given item, is 95%. Take caution when crafting rare and/or expensive items, as failures can happen even at 95%.


Alright! Now that you know how the menu works, it's time to actually start crafting. A lot of your crafting will be done with ores, and because they can be a bit expensive in the beginning, you should probably mine your own ores. If you haven't already gained access to the Mining Skill, I'll give you a rundown of how to get it shortly. In order to craft, you'll need the right capsule for the item. For the most part, these capsules are pretty darn cheap. To buy these capsules, talk to Rohan in Belos (he's just a bit to the right of the Returning Stone), and select Crafting Capsule Sale.

Always be sure to check which crafting capsule you'll need. If you're not sure which one you need, remember to check the first material box after selecting which item you want to make. The crafting capsule will always go in the first material box. Since you're just starting out, you'll be using the accessory capsules under Weak Craft Capsule. Select Weak Craft Capsule and go to the second page. Weak Accessory Capsule is the item you are looking for. You can buy them in singles, a group of ten, or go for bulk with a stack of 99. After deciding how many you want to buy, select the correct amount and click on the Receive button at the bottom. You should get a message on the right, as if you looted an item, telling you that you purchased the capsules. Remember, always check to make sure you have the right capsule selected.

Now that we have the capsule part down, it's time to focus on the other materials. For the most part, you'll be using ores to craft your items. The items under Special Item require more expensive and hard to find materials, so let's focus on the Elemental Stone, Earrings, and Ring categories. For this example, I'll be using the Leather Ring again, found inside of the Ring category.

As you can see, this item needs three normal minerals. It's a good idea to mine your own ores in the beginning as it's hard to turn a profit until later. If you already have the Mining Skill, please skip to the next section.

Mining Skill

In order to mine, you'll need the appropriate skill. This skill can be received at level 7, so if you already made it to level 10, there's nothing to worry about. To initiate the quest, talk to Ases in Belos (she's located to the far right) and activate the quest 'Learn the Mining Skill.' She'll ask you to kill 10 Grey Beetle G and 10 Ugly Dog. Those monsters are located in the Forest Mine on Lv. 2 and Lv. 4 respectively. After you finish the quest, report back to Ases and claim your reward. You will be given an item called Mining Guidebook. Find the item in your inventory and click it to use it. Congratulations, you are now able to mine! The skill appears under Misc. on the Event skill tab within the Skill menu. Simply drag it onto whichever key you would like to use for mining and you're ready to go.

Collecting Ores
Since we want Normal Minerals, head to the first floor of the Forest Mine. Go ahead and mine the rocks here until you gain the materials that you need.

We only want three Normal Minerals for this example, so it shouldn't take you long. After you have gathered up the correct amount of ores, we're finally ready to turn them into something you can use! It's a good idea to hold on to any other ores you have found and you will need them later on.

Crafting Revisited

Now that we have the correct capsule, along with the right ores, it's time to craft! Open up the Crafting menu and look for the Leather Ring item. Drag and drop the materials into place. Click on Execute and hit the deck! Or you can just wait a few seconds until your crafting is finished. Your character will jump up and down if you are successful, but become wide-eyed in disbelief if the craft fails. If you look in the left corner, you'll see how many points you gained for crafting. The farther an item's craft level is from your craft level, the less points you'll receive. However, you will always get 1 point from your craft, failure included. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's the basics of crafting. I'm sure some of you have gained new knowledge, but I'm willing to bet a lot of you want more than that. It wouldn't be a guide if I didn't explain where to mine for what or how to profit from this, so sit tight.

Collecting Ores Revisited

You can also gather a couple of these ores inside the Crystal Mine, but it's best to use the Forest Mine for all of these.

Forest Mine Lv. 1

 - Normal Mineral
 - Copper
 - Iron
 - Silver
 - Gold
 - Peridot

Forest Mine Lv. 3

 - Iron
 - Silver
 - Gold
 - Peridot
 - Amethyst
 - Moon stone

Forest Mine Lv. 5

 - Peridot
 - Amethyst
 - Moon stone
 - Fluorite
 - Agate
 - Topaz

Forest Mine Lv. 6

 - Fluorite
 - Agate
 - Topaz
 - Sapphire
 - Emerald
 - Ruby

Forest Mine Lv. 7

 - Sapphire
 - Emerald
 - Ruby
 - Diamond
 - Pink Diamond
 - Adamantite

Forest Mine Lv. 8

 - Diamond
 - Pink Diamond
 - Adamantite
 - Mithril
 - Alexandrite
 - Orichalcum

Turning a Profit

Believe it or not, this part is very simple. Even when you're just starting out, you can make back a little bit of the money you might have spent buying ores. The trick is to craft elemental stones.

These little buggers have a very high NPC value. As your craft levels up, you'll be able to buy stacks of ore from other players, craft them into elemental stones, and actually make your money back and more. Not only does it level your craft, but it also pays you to do it. What's not to like?

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Posted: Jul 04 2009 at 1:18am
Accessory Guide

To get your accessory crafting skill, you have to be lvl 10 first. After that, you go talk to Keber in the Belos equipment shop and then choose the accessory craft skill.

The accessory crafting capsules that are needed to craft your element stones/earrings/rings/special accessories can be bought from Rohan in Belos. He’s a big guy in the middle of Belos.

All earrings and rings (except the special ones) can be craft by its specific crafting capsule and 3 of its needed mineral. The special equips need a few more items from other craft skills.

Best way to make money from accessory crafting is to craft the element stones and then selling them to an NPC, since they have the highest sell price in Latale so far.

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Posted: Jul 04 2009 at 7:48pm
Accessory Crafting Guide

1. Starting to craft!
2. What do you need?
3. Where to get the needed minerals?
4. Minerals & their crafting levels!.
5. What can you craft?
6. Option & Durability Rate and what are they for?

1. Starting to craft!

First of all, you will have to be level 10 or higher to be able to craft stuff!
Once you've reached level 10 go to Belos Weapon Shop and talk to Keber and choose Accessory Crafting.

2. What do you need?

For every crafting you will need 3 types of minerals 1 capsule, which can be bought from Rohan in Belos. He is next to the Underground portal.

3. Where to get the needed minerals?

Normal Minerals & Copper
-> Forest Mine Lv. 1 & Crystal Mine
Iron, Silver & Gold
-> Forest Mine Lv.1 & 3
-> Forest Mine Lv.1,3 & 5
Amethyst, Moon Stone
-> Forest Mine Lv. 3 & 5
Agate, Flourite, Topaz
-> Forest Mine Lv. 5 & 6
Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby
-> Forest Mine Lv. 6 & 7
-> Forest Mine Lv. 7 & 8

However, Pink Diamonds & Adamantite can be found at Lv. 7, too, but these are unneeded!
Everything in Lv. 8 except Diamonds are unneeded, too!

4. Minerals & their crafting levels!

This part will just let you know which minerals you will need to craft for every crafting level out there. It is best to use the mineral needed at your current crafting level for maximum crafting dexterity (crafting experience) for easier leveling.

Weak capsules:
Normal Mineral Lv. 1
Copper Lv. 2-3
Iron Lv. 4-5

Medium capsules:
Silver Lv. 6-7
Gold Lv. 8-9

Strong capsules:
Peridot Lv. 10 & 11
Amethyst Lv. 12 & 13
Moon Stone Lv. 14-15

Strongest capsules:
Agate Lv. 16-17
Floorite Lv. 18-19

Weak Super capsules:
Topaz Lv. 20-21
Sapphire Lv. 22-23
Emerald Lv. 24-25

MediumSuper capsules:
Ruby Lv. 26-27
Diamond Lv. 28-29

Any other minerals after diamonds aren't usable yet, but I'd suggest keeping at least the Pink Diamonds just in case another crafting update will be there!

5. What can you craft?

You can craft Elemental Stones, Rings & Earrings. After you've reached Lv. 110 and crafting level 20 you can choose between Camo and Deco.

Camo: This still lets you craft elemental stones but rings & earrings will be gone and you will be able to craft bindis and glasses instead.

Deco: This lets you still craft rings & earrings but elemental stones will be gone and you are able to craft Stockings instead.

Now a list of possible elemental stones you can craft:

Elemental Stones
Small Stone (Lv. 1)            
- Lv. 1 - 3 Normal Mineral
Small Shining Stone (Lv. 10)
- Lv. 2 - 3 Copper
Bronze Piece (Lv. 20)
- Lv. 4 - 3 Iron
Plastic Piece (Lv. 30)
- Lv. 6 - 3 Silver
Ceramic Piece (Lv. 40)
- Lv. 8 - 3 Gold
Iron Piece (Lv. 50)
- Lv. 10 - 3 Peridot
Titanium Piece (Lv. 60)
- Lv. 12 - 3 Amethyst
Dragon Scale Fragment (Lv. 70)
- Lv. 14 - 3 Moon Stone
Crystal Piece (Lv. 80)
- Lv. 16 - 3 Agate
Silver Bell (Lv. 90)
- Lv. 18 - 3 Flourite
Gold Bell (Lv. 100)
- Lv. 20 - 3 Topaz
Adamantite Piece (Lv. 110)
- Lv. 22 - 3 Sapphire
Mihtril Piece (Lv. 120)
- Lv. 24 - 3 Emerald
Orichalcum Piece (Lv. 130)
- Lv. 26 - 3 Ruby
Eldergain Horn (Lv. 140)
- Lv. 28 - 3 Diamond

The same crafting level and needed stuff is used for earings and rings as well so I'm leaving them out.

However, here is another list of available stuff to craft for Camo and Decoration:

Red Bindi (Lv. 110)
- Lv. 22 - 3 Sapphire
Green Bindi (Lv. 120)
- Lv. 24 - 3 Emerald
Blue Bindi (Lv. 130)
- Lv. 26 - 3 Ruby

White Glasses (Lv. 110)
- Lv. 22 - 3 Sapphire
Gray Glasses (Lv. 120)
- Lv. 24 - 3 Emerald
Green Glasses (Lv. 130)
- Lv. 26 - 3 Ruby

Yellow Stockings (Lv. 110)
- Lv. 22 - 3 Sapphire
Pink Stockings (Lv. 120)
- Lv. 24 - 3 Emerald
Blue Stockings (Lv. 130)
- Lv. 26 - 3 Ruby

6. Option & Durability Rate and what are they for?

While choosing option rate you have a higher chance to craft colored stuff while durability gives you a higher chance to craft stuff with higher durability, which can be quite good while enchanting something but option rate is by far better to go with for accessorry crafting in my opinion.
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Posted: Jul 06 2009 at 8:54am
IGN: HimemiyaAnthy

Accesory craft is one the most interesting crafts in Latale, if u are an accessory crafter you can create earrings, elemental stones, rings, stockings , bindings and glasses.
Also is one of the best paid by NPC shops and players.


1.- Ok guys! The first thing you need to do obiously is create you character, then you need to lvl till level 10.

2.- Once your char is in level 10, you must go to Belos Weapon Shop and go to the left in order to talk to Keber, hes gonna ask you about what kind of crafter you want to be so, choose accessory crafter.

3.- Then u need to confirm that you wanna be an accessory crafter.

Nayoo!! Congratz!! Now you are an accessory crafter.

4.- After u got the accessory craft press the letter “K”

5.- Go to the “Crafting” menu, do you see this window?

6.- OK, In order to access to the accessory craft window click on the following icon
7.- If you select the first option “Novice Acc. Making”    a new window appears.

Lets try to understand all the options.


Basically you need crafting capsules and ores but, some items need more than those items in order to be crafted (Special Items).


Crafting capsules are sold by Rohan in Belos.

This is Rohan xD

IMPORTANT!! : Crafting capsules are distributed by levels so, be carefull about wich kind of capsule you need. (The first kind of capsule you are gonna need is “Weak Accessory Capsule”.


Ok, first you need to learn the “Mining Skill”
When you reach level 7 go to Ases in Belos city, she´s (or he´s O.o?) gonna give you the following quest “Learn the Mining Skill”

To complete this quest you need to go to Forest Mine and hunt 10 Grey Beetle and 10 Ugly Dogs.

After you complete the quest Ases gonna give you the “Mining Guidebook” (a green book that u can see in your “Consume Inventory” use it and then you can go mine in Forest Mine !! Congratz!! xD.

IMPORTANT!! : After you learn the mining skill try to put the Mining icon in one of the quick slots. How?

1.-Press “K” and go to “Misc.” menu. Down the window there´s the following icon   choose it.
2.-In this menu you can find all the misc skills that you are gonna learn and use along all the game.


After you mining for a while you can craft with the ores you have xD!!
Open your Craft Window (“Novice Acc. Making” icon can be into your quick slots too xD).

NOTE: The first ore you are gonna need to craft is “Normal Mineral” (Normal Minerals are located in Forest Mine lvl1 by mining or Forest Mine lvl4 by mining and killing Mine Bats too but, try to be in lvl 50+ for go into this level and for killing this monsters easy.)
If you click for example in the “Elemental Stone” menu, a large list is going to appear.

Select one of the first 4 options of elemental stones
Make sure that you have all the items you need to craft 1 elemental stone (crafting capsule & 3 ores).
Then click on the “Execute” button down the window and wait xD.

If your craft succeed, the item u craft is going to appear into you “Equip Inventory” (Also your char is going to seem happy)

But if your craft fail, your char is going to be surprised like the following pic xD.


Yes, once you craft some items your Level Stat Bar is going to be filled till reach 100%, once you reach 100% your craft level is going to pass to the next lvl.

When you lvl up your craft, you can make better and more items but, you need to use some other ores too.

Here is the list of the ores you are going to need in their respective Craft Level.

Normal Mineral / Cooper / Iron /Silver /Gold /Peridot
Iron / Silver / Gold / Peridot / Amethyst / Moon Stones
LEVEL 05 (Mining and Killing Bats)
Normal Mineral / Cooper / Iron /Silver /Gold /Peridot / Amethyst / Fluorite / Agate / Moon Stones / Topaz / Ruby / Emerald
LEVEL 06 (Mining and Killing Minotaurs)
Cooper / Iron /Silver /Gold /Peridot / Amethyst / Fluorite / Agate / Moon Stones / Topaz / Ruby / Emerald / Sapphires
LEVEL 07 (Mining and Killing Sprigans)
Topaz / Ruby / Emerald / Sapphires /Diamonds / Pink Diamonds
Topaz / Ruby / Emerald / Sapphires /Diamonds / Pink Diamonds


No, once you reach level 40 and your craft lvl is 8+ , you can unlock the second Acc Making Level named “Skilled Acc. Making”
First obviously you need to be Level 40 and have your Craft in Level 8+ then open your “Skill Window” (Press “K”) and then go to the Crafting Accessory Menu.
Select the second Icon named “Skilled Acc. Making” and also you need to have 156,000 Ely too.

When you unlock your Second Acc. Making Level you can create more items!! Check the new options now xD.
Also in lvl 50 you can have another option , Option Rate Increase or Durability Increase.

Go to Elias Weapon Shop and talk to Sean in order to choose one of them.


Ok guys, I know that mining is a little boring but, if u go mining all days around 20-30 min you can make your craft level up so fast!.

Other tip that you can make is create a new account and a new char that you are just gonna use like a stoking char. And after go mining with you main you can send all your ores to the stoking char.
In few days you are gonna see that I have the reason! xD.

So I supposed that is not all but this is my little Acc. Craft Guide xD.

IGG: HimemiyaAnthy

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Posted: Jul 06 2009 at 6:44pm
radiCal187's guide to Accessory Crafting!

Why choose Accessory as your craft?

   Accessory crafting is by far one of the handiest crafts there are due to the fact that you are able to make your own earrings and rings which are not able to be bought anywhere else as well as many other reasons. It also is one of the easiest ways to make some Ely in my opinion as you can craft Elemental Stones which you can sell in stores for quite a bit of Ely. Lastly you can craft specialty items that will come in handy later on in the game!

What do I need to learn this craft and start out?

   Firstly, you will need to get to level 10 and speak to Keber in the Belos Weapon/Armor shop. He will give you the skill needed to use Accessory Crafting. Next, you will need to talk to Ases to get the most important thing needed for Accessory crafting and that is the mining skill! It involves a small quest which can be seen below. (Thanks to Pies Quest Guide for this quest information)

Learn the Mining Skill
lvl 7+
1 time
Defeat 10 Ugly Dog and Grey Beetle G
Reward:2500 XP, 1200 Ely, 5 Guild Points, Mining Guidebook, x20 Lesser SP Potion
Note: Ugly Dog and Grey Beetle G are located in Forest Mine

Once the quest is completed use the Mining Guidebook and voila! You can now start your journey to becoming a great accessory crafter!

I can mine..big what?

   Well now that you are able to mine, you are able to get the objects necessary to make your accessories! ORES! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours! You will need to mine in the Forest Mine or the Crystal Mine to obtain these various ores to use to make your new items! A big recommendation I would make is to keep every single ore you obtain, because even if you dont need them now, you will certainly need them for future items!

So now that I have this do I use the crafting skill?

   So now youve got the crafting skill, the mining skill and the knowledge of where to obtain ores....but how do I get to my crafting skill and use it? Well thats easy! First you'll want to open your skill menu (pressing K on your keyboard will do that for you) and select the "Crafting" tab in the top of the window. Now you'll notice little icons in the bottom left. Those are the several crafting types, seeing as how were doing Accessory, youll want to click the little pair of earrings. Voila! Youre now in your accessory crafting menu. In the top left is Novice Accessory Crafting, that is the one you will click as its the only one available at your current level!

Almost there! One last step before you begin!

   Probably one of the most important will need crafting capsules! To get these, go to Rohan in Belos. To start out, you will be buying Weak Accessory Capsules, but as you level your craft, you will notice that you need to eventually move up into Medium, Strong and so on.

You're on your way! Novice Accessory Making 101

   Now you can open your crafting menu, so when you do take the time to look at your various options. You'll notice 4 options: Special Items, Elemental Stones, Earrings and Rings. You'll notice that certain items have requirements such as items needed, level needed and crafting level needed. You can see these by clicking on them and moving your cursor on top of them. This is Novice Acc. making, so you will only be able to make thing level 40 and under. The ores necessary to make these are all located in the Forest Mine 1st Floor!

   Now for leveling your craft. To level it, you will have to do exactly that..make stuff! So my recommendation for making some quick Ely and leveling your craft is by making your level Earrings and Ring. Youll obviously want a pair of earrings and a ring for yourself... so make those as soon as you can. Now for leveling your craft and making some good Ely...craft as many Elemental Stones as you can..they have a good NPC value to sell to shops and they will level your crafting quite quickly. Its what I've done and it works out great!

   So you've crafted your butt off and made some Ely while at it, and now youre level 40 and your crafting is level 8 you can now move onto Skilled Accessory making! WOOT!

Skilled Accessory Making...doesnt the name make you just feel good?

   As the name states...youre now skilled! Although, much really doesnt change here except the fact that you should move to Forest Mine 3rd Floor to mine now. Now when youre level 50+ I'd heavily suggest killing Mine Bats on the 5th floor of the Forest Mine as they drop all the ores youll need and its much faster than mining itself!

   Apply the basics of Novice Accessory Making by crafting your earrings and rings..then making Elemental Stones to sell(these now get a big boost in price, and become a fantastic way to make even more Ely!). Another thing you can try is making more earrings and rings with better stats to suit your needs!

So I'm level 50...those skills in the top right...what are they?

   You have a keen eye to notice that the level limit on the first skills in the top right of your Accessory Crafting skill menu are level 50. To obtain them you must go to Sean in the Elias weapon shop and he well allow you to learn one of them...yes ONLY 1!!! So my advice to you is to choose wisely. The 2 skills both have their perks so lets look at them shall we?

Option Rate Increase

   This will increase the bonus stats on the items you craft, making them more desirable for other users to buy. And also for better stats on your own personal items, thus making you stronger also! Highly recommended!!!!!

Durability Upgrade

   Increases the durability of your items you craft, good for enchanting items with added stats. I wouldnot recommend this as the added stats from Option Rate Increase will be better than enchanting!

Level 70 sayyy whattttt? Time for Expert Accessory Crafting!

   Mwuahahaha! You've fought the hard fight and lasted this will now be able learn Expert Accessory Making! (Under the conditions that you are level 70 and your crafting skill level is 14). You've learned mostly all there is to and can now work on your own and decide whats best. If you stick to my plan of the Ely stones for quick leveling and money, thats quite alright. But dont be afraid to branch off and try your own thing, after're an expert now! For mining, I'd recommend Forest Mine level 5 and 7..but be careful! The monsters can be quite fierce the lower you go into the mine...but you should be able to handle them!

Level 90!

   Its now time once again to upgrade your sub skill! You can upgrade whichever of the 2 you chose at level 50, so if you went with Option, upgrade it, and if you went with Durability, well then upgrade that!

Level 110!

   Now another option arises! For your next level in Accessory crafting you have a to choose a path. You can choose Camo Accessory Making which allows you to make Elemental Stones,
Glasses and Bindis! Or you can choose Decoration Accessory Making which allows you to make
Rings, Earrings and Stockings. Here its really your choice as to what youd like to make. They both
have their pro's and con's, but the choice is a personal preference. So feel free to choose what you would like best! Only thing you have to keep in mind is you must be level 110 and your crafting much be level 22!

Special Items!

   Special Items are exactly what they say..special! They are quite hard to craft seeing as how you mostly need monster Kits and Jellies. These require Soul Urns which are rare drops. Very rare. You will also need the help of refiners to make the kits, jellies and other necessary items! So try to make them if possible, but dont fret as they will not get in the way of your journey!

Ore Locations!!

Forest Mine Level 1: Normal Minerals, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, and Peridot

Forest Mine Level 3: Iron, Silver, Gold, Peridot, Amethyst and Moonstones

Forest Mine Level 5: Peridot, Amethyst, Moonstone, Agate, Flourite and Topaz

Forest Mine Level 6: Agate, Flourite, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby

Forest Mine Level 7: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Pink Diamond and Adamantite

Forest Mine Level 8: Diamond, Pink Diamond, Adamantite, Mythril, Orichalum and Alexandrite

Closing Statements

   I went pretty in-depth with this guide because I know how difficult it was to learn on my own. It took tons of asking guildies over and over on things to do. So I'm sharing all my knowledge and know how with everyone else. I hope this guide helps as I took some time and effort to put it together for you. Please enjoy and thanks for reading!

IGN: radiCal187
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Posted: Jul 07 2009 at 8:09am
The First step to get a Accesoy crafting is lvl your character to lvl 10 and go to Keber in belos Weapon Shop.
The crafting capsules  are selling by Rohan in Belos.

Mine: Forest Mine Lv.1 - Lv.3

Mine: Forest Mine Lv.3 - Lv.5
Mine: Forest Mine Lv.5 - Lv.7
The when you finish with expert go to Ves at wep shop and talk to bwyma
chose: Camo Acc Making or Decoration Acc Making
Camo Acc
you can make:
Elemental Stones
Decoration Acc
You can make:
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Posted: Jul 08 2009 at 5:53pm
My IGN is Kumacakes, and this is my Accessory Crafting Guide.  I had asked if it was permissible to create a guide using HTML (and hence hosted on my domain), and was given the green light, so I have created my guide and hosted it on my site, Eternal Tale.

Click on the different parts of this guide menu to access that part of my Accessory Crafting Guide!

**If the menu for some reason does not work for you, here are the sections of my guide in plain html links:

Crafting Basics:
What's Crafting?
How to Craft

All About Accessory Crafting

Accessory Crafting Lists:
Lv1 List
Lv2 List
Lv3 List
Lv4 List (Camo)
Lv4 List (Deco)

**Please note that this is NOT an advertisement for my site; merely this is just an Accessory Crafting Guide entry for this current contest.  The art of my bard, Kumacakes, that is featured in the above menu and site itself was drawn by Wasashu (Azuki).  Please DO NOT STEAL any information, images, etc. from this guide and claim as your own; that is called theft and it is quite petty.  Thank you.

Please enjoy this guide ^^
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Posted: Jul 08 2009 at 9:15pm
Hi there, my IGN's Joxina and this is my Accessory Crafting Guide.

With Accessory Crafting you can craft Rings, Earrings & Elemental Stones.  Starting at level 110 you can also craft Glasses, Bindis and Stockings depending on which Tier 4 you choose (Camo or Deco).

What's Needed To Level Crafting?

Accessory Crafters need only Ores from the Forest Mine to level their crafting, as well as the various Accessory Crafting Capules from Rohan in Belos.  Which level you need to mine at depends on what ores you're wanting, here's the complete list.  Ores are listed in scaled order, you're more likely to get the first ore listed for each map than you are to get the last one listed.  Tips are included for how to best mine on each map.

Forest Mine Mining Info

Both Level 1 and Level 3 have no monsters on them so it's easy to mine on them.

Forest Mine Level 1
  • Normal Mineral
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Peridot
Forest Mine Level 3
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Peridot
  • Amethyst
  • Moon Stone
Level 5 has Mine Bats, these can be deadly if you're not high enough level, and remain annoying for many levels even after they cease to be deadly.  The best way to mine on this map is to lure the bats from the top down the ladder.  Just get the attention of a few (or all, depending on your level) then start down the ladder, drawing bats down with you.  Use an Iris Stone Fragment to warp back to the Mine's Iris Stone.  Repeat until the top is clear of bats.  Mine along the top.  Just pay attention, people will come through and kill bats on occasion, which will cause them to respawn on the top again.

Forest Mine Level 5
  • Peridot
  • Amethyst
  • Moon Stone
  • Fluorite
  • Agate
  • Topaz
Level 6 is the Minotaur Map.  The best way to mine this map is to get all the Minotaurs to spawn on the upper two levels.  Then you can mine along the bottom.  Doing this is simple as long as you're high enough level, just kill the minotaurs along the bottom until they stop respawning on the bottom.  This generally doesn't take too long.  If you're not high enough level to kill the minotaurs on your own you'll need to find a map with the bottom already clear, or get someone higher level to kill them till the bottom's clear.  Again be sure to pay attention, people will come through and kill the minotaurs, and they'll potentially respawn on the bottom again.

Forest Mine Level 6
  • Fluorite
  • Agate
  • Topaz
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
Level 7 is the Mine Spriggan map.  These guys are tough, but by the time you need the minerals from this map you should be high enough level to handle them.  You can sometimes get the Mine Spriggans to all respawn on the upper two levels (on either side), allowing you to mine along the bottom safely.  Otherwise you'll just have to keep killing them and mining before they respawn.

Forest Mine Level 7
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Pink Diamond
  • Adamantite
Best Way to Level Crafting

The best way to level up your crafting is to always make the highest level Elemental Stones/Rings/Earrings you can make.  Even though the success percentage is low, you'll gain more experience from failures of these items than you would for successes on some of the lower level ones.  This means you'll need to use the highest level ores possible, so look at the distribution of ore drops on the various maps and plan accordingly.  For example, if you need Topaz you'd be better off mining on level 6 than level 5 because Topaz drops much less frequently on level 5.

When it comes to obtaining ores your best bet is to mine yourself, this way it won't cost you anything but time, but if you must buy ores to level you can help offset the cost by crafting Elemental Stones.  Selling these to the NPCs will bring in more Ely than Rings or Earrings, helping to pay for the costs of your ores.

Tier 4 Crafting Choices

When you get to level 110 you have to choose either Camo or Deco crafting.  Camo crafting will allow you to craft Glasses, Bindis and Elemental Stones from level 110 - 140.  Deco crafting will allow you to craft Rings, Earrings and Stockings from level 110 - 140.  You'll still be able to make Rings/Earrings/Elemental Stones and Special Accessories from the first 3 tiers whichever you choose.  Which you choose is up to you and what you prefer to make the most.

Crafting Recipes

I've made a full list of everything you can craft under each tier and the materials needed to craft them.  Since it's in a table format I've posted it up on my own server where it'll be much easier to read.

This concludes my guide, I hope you find it useful.
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Posted: Jul 08 2009 at 10:57pm
Accessory Crafting Guide By Dynasty

I will just get down to the point.

First you must get to lvl. 10. Do that by quests or just grinding mobs.

Once you hit lvl. 10 go talk to Keber in Belos's Weapon Shop

He will ask you what crafting you would like.
Pick Accessory Crafting.

Now that you pick your Craft. You need to lvl it up, so you can make better items.

Go talk to Rohan in the street of Belos.

He sells all the caps you need to make your items.
Minerals are something you can dig for or buy off other players.

You can make Special Items, Elemental Stones, Earrings, and Rings.

Let's start with the
Novice Accessory:

This is items you can make under lvl. 40 gears.

Then the Skilled Accessory:

Items under lvl. 70.

After that is the Expert Accessory:

Items under lvl. 110.

Then there are two options, you can choose only one.
Option Rate give you better or more Stats on that item.
Durability Upgrade give you better durability. Yes you can go over 200.

Last is the choice between Camo Accessory and Decoration Accessory.
For Camo you can make glasses and face Decorations.
For Decoration Accessory you can make rings, earrings, and socks.

Accessory Crafting is also an easy way to make money. Make Elemental stones, Keep the good stats to gear up. Sell the ones you wouldn't need. Stones sells for a hefty price.

That said, there are two place to dig and grind for minerals.
Forest Mine and Crystal Mine.

To get to forest mine you must go through the forest area pass Belos.
There are different lvls. So for beginners stay at lvl. 1, 2, and 3.
At higher lvl. you can explore deeper.

*Sorry I can find picture of the forest mine itself. And I don't want to take others that made their own guides. All my picture I find off the web (thinking ppl like to share it if it's in the web.)

Crystal Mine are suggested above lvl. 20.
You can get there with Crystal Mine ticket 30min, 1hr., 2hr, and 3hr.
Drops from Ants, Bees, and monsters Ktuka ruins. Also any monster in the Crystal Mine.

*Most Image is off the web, it should be credited to them. Others are SS I took.

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